June - 4.11.05

Interviewed by
June - 4.11.05Frank: Just introduce yourselves and what you do in the band

Mark Sutor - Drums

Tim Brennan - Vocals/Guitar

AJ Brown - Vocals/Bass

Mark Palacz - Guitar

Frank: I know you guys have a new record titled "If You Speak Any Faster" coming
out through Victory Records on August 9th, what's the significance of the
title and who came up with it?
Sutor: The title actually comes from a line in one of the songs that's going
to be on the album. We wanted to make sure we picked out something that had
some meaning behind it, and the line (as well as how it fits in the song)
kind of reflects the general feel of the album. There are a lot of
relationships changing with all different people since this band has become
more serious, and the album definitely reflects that. This line sums up how
we feel in different circumstances. Ha, hard to explain, but it has
meaning. AJ came up with it as he writes most of the lyrics.

Frank: Just some background information, What studio are you guys recording at?
Where is it located? What producer are you working with?
Sutor: We are working at a studio called "Salad Days" right inbetween DC and
Baltimore, Maryland. Our awesome producer, Brian McTernan, has worked with
bands like Thrice, Circa Survive, Hot Water Music, Engine Down...the list
goes on and on.

Frank: How do you guys like working with producer Brian Mcternan?
Sutor: The experience is incredible. This is our first full length with a
lot of studio time and an experienced producer. He made us work hard from
the get go and it's paying off. It really does make you grow as a band when
you're working with someone that is showing you how to create a record that
has its own feel and sounds tight and natural at the same time. All of us
have definitely gotten better at tracking, and we all are realizing what we
have to do to have the best sounding album we can come out of here with.
Brian never sugarcoats things, he is very honest with how you're doing and
what you're doing wrong/right. It helps alot in the end.

Frank: How many tracks are you guys recording? How many will make it on the actual
Sutor: We were supposed to track 14, but I think we're going to cut it down
to 12-13 now. There will most likely be 11 on the actual record, but 12 is
still a possibility.

User member Cry For Unity: What do you think of the Chicago scene compared
to everywhere else?
Sutor: The Chicago scene is doing really really well as of late. There are
so many good young bands coming out of the area it's insane. I think the
shows there are always awesome, and people come out for a lot of different
sounding bands. We haven't toured a huge amount just yet, so it's safe to
say for us the Chicago scene is our favorite (we're from Chicago, so we know
it well). I think the whole genre is already being affected by a couple
bands...FOB, Spitalfield, The Academy, Plain White T's and we hope to put
out a good record and keep the good name going for it. (along with a couple
other friends in the studio as well).

User member SpeakAnyfaster: A question for each guy, What was your favorite
night on tour and why?
Sutor: When we our tour last summer, we stopped in a small town in Montana,
and it was amazing! We had no idea anybody was going to come out and see
us, but this little room was packed and everyone was having a blast. We
hung out with all of those people after the show and they took us cliff
jumping the next day, that tops my list.
AJ: Kansas City because it was our last show with Gym Class Heroes and we
got to party with them afterwards. We miss those dudes alot.
Palacz: Montana as well, see above.
Tim: Too many to choose from.

Frank: How far into the record are you, recording wise?
Sutor: As of today, we have all music done (besides guitar overdubs,
production ideas and such) and we're almost done with all lead vocals. So
we're pretty far into the recording but we still have a bunch of stuff we'd
like to do. I'm not sure how much longer it will take, but the record will
be done and mastered sometime in early May if everything goes as planned.

Frank: Have the demos been changed around a lot since you've posted them on
Sutor: They haven't really changed structure-wise, just quality and a small
thing here and there. The songs you hear online will basically be the same,
only now you can get it on a CD and it sounds better, haha.

Frank: Will you guys shoot a video after the recording is complete? Any ideas for a
Sutor: We have absolutely no idea for either one. We definitely want to do
a video and we're sure we will, but as of now all we have is touring plans
right after the recording, so I'm not sure when we'll be able to shoot it.
As for the single, we have a couple songs that we feel could be really
strong singles, but we're going to wait until everything is all done before
we decide. Even though the songs are done musically and almost there,
there's still a lot we could do with them.

Frank: When can we expect to hear a totally completed new song on the internet?
Sutor: We haven't decided how we're going to show the new songs yet, if
it'll be the weekly approach that leads up to the album release or if we'll
just stick with one or two new ones online and leave them there. A new song
should be up around early summer, I would think.

Frank: I personally can't name a single person/band/manager who has dealt with
Victory Records and liked them. They have a notorious reputation and I was
wondering how you guys felt about the label thus far and your feelings on
some of the stories and leaked e-mails that seem to float around the
internet world.
Sutor: Every person/band/manager has their own experience with Victory, and
I can't say what is true or false about any of the stories or emails that
have been leaked. All I can tell you is that our experience is going
incredible and we have every intention of keeping it that way. Victory is
full of people that are there to help and push your band along to the next
level, and we hope to give them an awesome record so we can all work
together to make it something really good. I mean, a lot of big bands in
the scene would not be here if it wasn't for Victory, but who am I to say
anything about what is really happening and what's wrong/right. Like I said
earlier, all I can say is that we love working with the Victory people thus
far and we don't see anything stopping that.

Frank: What's your inspiration for "If You Speak Any Faster"? (Movies, Tv Shows,
Other bands etc.)
Sutor: I think you mean the actual songs on the record...so I'll answer it
that way. We all have a ton of different influences musically, I'll tell
you that the albums I was listening to the last couple of months that might
have inspired some stuff were Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, a lot of
Victory stuff, Gatsby, The Format. So you might hear some weird mix of all
of that musically somewhere on the album, but as far as the actual songs and
what they're about...it has to deal with what's going on since we left home.
Alot of stuff happens when you leave the environment of friends that you're
usually with all the time and we wanted to write about something meaningful
and truthful to us. No movies, TV shows or anything really applied to the
record, just a lot of awesome bands that we all love and life in general.

Frank: Do you guys have touring plans to support the album? If so, support or
headline? Any ideas with who?
Sutor: We have a tour with Punchline, This Day and Age and Jupiter Sunrise
set up in May through early June (A Thorn for Every Heart is also on it, but
I don't think we're playing any dates when those guys are on). That's the
only tour that's actually set up, and all of the other ones are coming
along. We don't have any intentions on headlining for awhile so I wouldn't
expect a tour like that any time soon; however, we plan to stay on the road
non-stop. Definitely check the site often and we'll have stuff up there as
soon as we find it out.

Frank: Also, I must throw this in, your agent Josh Lacey kicks ass, super rad dude.
Sutor: We're in love with him.

Frank: Are their any song titles decided yet? Can you spill some of them for me?
Sutor: Well, the two online: "Patrick" and "Scandals and Scoundrels". We
have a song called "I Write B Movies" another called "Off Guard" and then we
have 1 or 2 off the EP, but I don't want to give those away. The rest of
them still need to be named.

Frank: Any last words, thank yous, shout outs, whatever?
Sutor: We want to thank AP.net for letting us do the interview and sharing
the studio experience with anyone that decides to read this. We'd like to
give a shout out to our parents and you Frank. Check www.weliveinavan.com
for any more recording updates and our site for everything else. See you
all at the shows and look out for our album in August.

Frank: Thanks to June, Victory Records, Lucas Keller (manager) and the forum users who helped make the interview a good one!
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11:20 AM on 04/11/05
Just growing up to die.
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great band.

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