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Swimming with Dolphins - Ambient Blue

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Swimming with Dolphins - Ambient Blue
Record Label: None
Release Date: September 2, 2008
Every once in a while, a band comes along that's so charming, they'll have your face stuck in a grin so wide your face will hurt. This seems to be the case with Minnesota's Swimming With Dolphins. With their latest release, Ambient Blue, it looks like they will be sneaking their way into mainstream music and into the hearts of girls across the nation.

Ambient Blue begins with the lush textures of "Silhouettes," the opening track. This song sets the stage for the rest of the album, as swirling sounds and electronic drum beats take the listener far away and into a place of peace. This song truly makes you want to drift away, but not out of boredom.

The next track on Ambient Blue is entitled "Pajama Party." This is definitely the track to beat on the entire EP, as it balances sweet sentimental lyrics with delicate drum beats scattered throughout. The only way to describe this song is "cute"; it's a track that really stands out as single potential and defines Swimming With Dolphins' sound.

It's hard to deny the head-bobbing, smile-cracking charm of "Sunset 1998." And the rave ready dance of "Everything's A Miracle" really shows off something different about Swimming With Dolphins - their easy appeal to the electronica crowd. The latter track really showcases a different kind of sound, while still staying true to the entire vibe of the release.

Finally, Ambient Blue wraps up with "Up In The Stars," which is probably the most appropriate song to end the album with as it employs everything Swimming With Dolphins have in their arsenal. Using uplifting synths, strong lyrics, and a great breakdown into a fast, techno loop, it truly makes for a great ending of the EP. Ending on a happy note makes this album all worth listening.

To say that Swimming With Dolphins have potential is an understatement. It's obvious they have the ear for lyrical strength, great vocal application, and strong production. In recent times, no other record has made me feel more than Ambient Blue. It becomes hard to pick at an album and not like things about it, when it's so charming. How can you hate something that feels so good?

Recommended if You LikeA Rocket to the Moon (pre-FBR); star gazing; dance parties

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10:42 AM on 12/01/08
Sleep underground tonight...
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Romancebled's Avatar
it's nice to see someone mention this band on ap.net. catchy tunes.
11:37 AM on 12/01/08
is ready for christmas break
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chitownjosh's Avatar
love this cd.

awesome guys!
12:23 PM on 12/01/08
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jco3's Avatar
I gotta listen, although i've almost maybe outgrown Owl City... or it could be that I just havent listened to OC in about 3 months...eh. Maybe I should give demz a whirl.
04:59 PM on 12/01/08
i know i got my issues...
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dru's Avatar
Love this and Owl City. AP.net get on that!
05:27 PM on 12/01/08
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jco3's Avatar
This is pretty much Owl City with more techno-ish beats. Pajama Party is my favorite songs. Give Owl City another try. They are the best electronica pop artist right now.
I'm taking your word for it, I've got homework to do. Swimming With Dolphins is going to have to keep me busy. It's them, or my own singing voice...
08:48 PM on 12/01/08
Registered User
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SammiLive4Music's Avatar
How could you review this without mentioning Owl City? It is the same dude and the same form of music. This is amazing but it is just a more techno influenced version of Owl City

Yeah you have Adam's influence in this project but you also have Austin giving his input and that's what makes this different from Owl City.

I love both bands a great deal
10:12 PM on 12/01/08
Registered User
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SammiLive4Music's Avatar
Live: They both sing, they both play keys or synth I can't remember which they both play, and Austin does the laptop stuff. I believe in the writing and recording process they share in all the responsibilities, although I think that Adam write most of the lyrics, but I could be wrong on that. I'll check with Austin next time I talk to him and check on the accuracy on that
09:43 AM on 12/02/08
Regular Member
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TheClockworks's Avatar
Swimming With Dolphins is great, i loved the review, only thing i didn't enjoy, was how you broke down the ep track by track, instead of addressing it as a whole, however, great EP, good review, great band.
01:39 PM on 12/03/08
Katelyn Hoffman
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Wow! I really appreciate this review...and my greatest wish is that Swimming With Dolphins can continue to expand their fan base...Just about the beginning of this school year I was introduced to them as well as Owl City. I cannot express how much life SWD lyrics have gotten me through. Although I think very highly and fondly of all Swimming with Dolphins songs, I was surprised that Pajama Party ranked #1 in people's likings...I would think that the upbeat-ness of Everything's a Miracle or the beautiful sounds and lyrics of silhouettes would win first in people's hearts. I guess I tend to be different, though with my musical interests.
12:14 AM on 01/01/09
Stay lucky
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timbedinosaur's Avatar
Great EP. Here's hoping for more
12:21 PM on 01/13/09
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
are you kidding me........swimming with dolphins is a perfect example of what is completely wrong with music today. a couple of kids with some money and keyboards just layer a bunch of chimes and ambient sounds and sing over top of it using auto tune. its ridiculous and the labels and everyone have you fooled into thinking that they are some great musicians. When there are hundreds of bands that go beyond robot theme songs and write actual music that is beyond great and no one ever hears of them. PLUS!! my band was on tour and played a show with these guys and us and the other touring bands all agreed that he wasnt even really singing. its all digital. the volume and tone of his voice was the same through out even when he wouldn't even be singing directly into the mic. its ridiculous and completely baffling.

(and yes my band broke up and wasnt and isnt getting the same recognition as these guys, but i would rather have no recognition then be recognized for writing crap like this. SO DONT EVEN SAY IM JEALOUS! because trust me im not.)

so in conclusion people today must truly be deaf and swimming with dolphins should go swimming with sharks and get eaten.
08:11 PM on 05/04/09
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Glad someone is giving this album recognition. To win the title of my favorite band is to beat out a lot of great artists but I haven't found anything as original as their music. It's so easy to say this is a techno version of Owl City but have you heard Owl City's new album (Maybe I'm Dreaming)? That is like girly, hip, "cute" music (whereas Of June was more mellow and not about rainbows). SWD completely beats that Owl City sound. Look at Sunset 1998, much more adult lyrics than anything Owl City wrote and the beats are so much better, it is a bit of a cop out to say this is just a new flavor of Owl City.

To the comment above, did you even listen to Swimming with Dolphins? Pajama Party is done without auto tune and I'm sure thier other songs are the same. I don't even think Adam Young sings on some of these tracks other than back up. To be so defensive and vocal about your bands break-up kinda makes you sound, if not jealous, at the very least like a terribly sore loser.
08:57 PM on 05/23/09
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ninthandash's Avatar
i came into this EP with a really critical attitude thinking I'd hate it, but forgoshsakes, it actually sounds like real, well, electronica.
well some of it anyways.
Reminded me of Paper Route if they were completely electronic.
06:43 AM on 05/28/09
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
ive only been able to hear the first 3 songs. and i have fallen in mad crazy love with this album.
i love owl city.
and i am happy they continue to persue this wonderful "cute" music.

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