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A Static Lullaby - Rattlesnake!

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A Static Lullaby - Rattlesnake!
Record Label: Fearless Records
Release Date: September 9, 2008
Letís flash back to October 2006 for a minute. A Static Lullaby was once again a buzzword, fans were ready to rock out, and the hype train was circling around the band for the first time in a long time. It must have felt good, since the limelight was long since stolen from them after they dropped the ill-received Faso Latido. Not long after, the band suffered everything from label drops to a near disbandment. But this time, things were different. Their album dropped with modest reviews and what seemed like a return to form from the band, but this was also a different time, when their once definitive style had been recycled and reused by every band coming out of California and Long Island, and the albumís glare slowly fizzled.

Rattlesnake!, the bandís latest release, never quite built up any hype, which seems almost unfortunate. As I carried myself through this eleven-track gunfight, I could feel the tension, the emotion, and the sweat that was poured into making this album. Rattlesnake! is the album that A Static Lullaby needed to release. If this doesnít restore faith in previous fans and if it doesnít garner any new ones, thereís definitely something wrong.

The album kicks off with the title track, a raunchy and raw fist-pumper that could easily kick off the next Every Time I Die release. The guitars shred, the vocals pierce, and the band sounds on the top of their game. Welcome to the best thing A Static Lullaby has produced since 2002 -- fans can finally exhale.

As the album blazes forward, you can tell they tried hard not to misstep on anything. The lyrics are dark and simple, avoiding any kind of clichť. While the lyrics seem a little pale at times, itís obvious the band was more worried about crafting decent songs than using witty wordplay. It works to. Every song is anthemic and aggressive, and they never put the guitars down and through the whole album. A Static Lullaby keeps kicking ass.

While the album as a whole sounds much better and much less dependent on influences, the greatest improvement are the vocals, and how well the sing-scream formula is handled. The screaming is timed perfectly, and the clean vocals sound crisp and are carried beautifully. This was my biggest complaint on the band's self-titled album, they just seemed so forced. The connection between Joe Brown and Dan Arnold is sincere, and they play off of each other almost too perfectly. The vocals carried the album with a great sense of urgency, but never seemed too alarming, which is something thatís hard to handle when the backing music is so furious. Finishing off the album is a more than decent cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic." I was a bit thrown off when I reached this track, but the song translates well.

Itís obvious the band has found their niche, and I hope that they carry on through. Even though theyíve revamped their sound, fans should find hope in this album, as it holds the charm that was created with the release of ÖAnd Donít Forget To Breathe. Itís obvious that this band has used their six years of experience for the best. While there are still some obvious flaws, especially with the drumming, which never quite reach the expected breakneck speed, Rattlesnake! is an impressive piece of art, something that I wouldnít have expected two years ago.

I sincerely hope that this album builds up steam in its lifetime, because itís truly impressive. If this was 2006, this band would be at the top of the game, and while Iím sure many of their old fans will grab on to it, Iím keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the world. This album is a true display of hard work, even with its flaws.

Recommended if You LikeEvery Time I Die; Maylene and the Sons of Disaster; Espresso & Amphetamines

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12:31 PM on 11/25/08
Don't give me no hand me down love.
User Info.
Klatzke's Avatar
I like ASL, but this album lost steam with me after like a week. Literally five listens in I'd begun to lose interest and not long after it I completely lost it. Every now and then I decide to listen to a couple of the songs, but overall it's completely fallen flat for me. It was good while it was lasted though.
08:41 AM on 11/26/08
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No Avatar Selected
I listened to almost the whole album on Purevolume and every song blended together. Thankfully this genricore will soon be forgotten. It's funny you mentioned ETID in the RIYL section because ETID actually has talent whereas ASL are just recycling a dying sound.
08:57 PM on 11/26/08
Registered User
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BurnTheWitch's Avatar
I thought this album was really good and FUN. They may have taken ETID's gutter phenominon sound but they made it their own with the whole post-hardcore vibe they got going for them.
I will never get bored of the prestige. That song kicks ass. Its unforunate this album was never reviewed by a staff member.

Nice review :) about time someone got around to reviewing this.
11:53 PM on 11/29/08
Lets get these people moving faster
User Info.
StartAngry&Mad's Avatar
I'd only argue that its hard to give them credit for learning lessons and developing their sound over the last 6 years, its almost an entirely new group of guys; but nonetheless, credit to Dan and Phil for continuing the hard work and keeping the band alive and rockin' out
08:40 AM on 12/01/08
Charmingly Awkward
User Info.
AloneInTheDark's Avatar
I see what you mean, but even the progress between their Self Titled and Rattlesnake! is a feat.
10:47 AM on 12/01/08
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Thought it was awesome. I liked the self-titled too, but this blew it away in my opinion. Joe's screaming sounds crazy.
12:00 PM on 12/01/08
The liberty to serve
User Info.
speakhandsforme's Avatar
I've been a fan of every ASL album, even Faso Latido (an album that ages well)....but this latest work just doesn't cut it.
01:10 PM on 12/01/08
Let's Go Pens! And Yanks!
User Info.
lenard27's Avatar
I still need to pick this up. I'll probably be getting it for Christmas.
I like ASL enough that I don't mind the change to the "popular" heavy sound at the moment.

I hated their self-titled release when it first came out, but over the summer it really grew on me and I'd have to say that the self-titled is my favorite release by the thus far. Of course, I haven't heard this one yet.
04:49 AM on 12/02/08
The desperation's gone.
User Info.
lew_1987's Avatar
I stopped listening to them when they tried to do southern rock. I still love their first album though.
11:49 PM on 12/04/08
User Info.
superBMRuth's Avatar
i'm addicted to the album. i hated it at first. then i gave it a few more listens. found some songs i liked, then i found a few more. and then pretty much the whole damn thing grew on me. idk why, but this rarely leaves my car stereo. everything about them has improved tenfold. the musicianship, the lyrics, the vocals, the pace, the mood. it's not perfect and it's not gonna change music, but it's a good ass record that should be given a chance.
02:13 PM on 01/19/09
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
how can you not get stoked listening to this album?
i hop on my skateboard and throw it on and fuck it just gets me pumped
11:37 AM on 02/04/09
Registered User
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lifeintherye's Avatar
i picked this album up yesterday after hearing a few songs a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure about it but I saw it there and couldn't resist... i really love it though. Its a great cd. Their first album is still the best, but after failing on Faso I agree that this is what they needed. Even their last cd before this was decent (awesome at first, but it died on me) this cd is definately what they needed
01:48 PM on 02/14/09
Why do you stay till you see blood?
User Info.
NateFoundGlory's Avatar
This album is amazing, not sure why they get so much hate. "Mourning Would Come" is hands down one of my favorite songs. Not just by them, in general.
08:30 PM on 02/14/09
User Info.
ThisIsNotDan's Avatar
these guys went from a band that so many bands aped to a band that isn't even as good as some of their imitators. come on, Faso Latido is a million times better than this

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