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Hadouken! - Music for an Accelerated Culture

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Hadouken! - Music for an Accelerated Culture
Record Label: Surface Noise
Release Date: October 21, 2008
I'm going to go ahead and throw up a disclaimer and say that I've never tried ecstasy and I'm not inclined to. If I were to try it though, in between stumbling around whatever club I happened to be at and trying to mate with anything resembling a female that headed my way, I think I'd want Hadouken! blasting on the sound system. I'm not real sure why I've come to this conclusion, and it's not like I have first hand experience to justify it, but that just seems like the perfect setting for most of these songs. The looping trance beats and lyrics come together to create something that just seems like it would fit in best where people are already doing whatever they can to permanently stunt their IQ. This may be a bit of a harsh way of putting it, I'm just trying to say that this isn't really music that's going to appeal to those searching for something a bit more substantial. It's basically hip-hop that relies on the vocalists delivery and heavy electronics.

They have some catchy songs, but it's just a little much to deal with when you've got the rest of the tracks that are waist deep in, many times, overdone beats. Most of the songs have some interest for a little while, or on their own, but they just drag the songs on for way too long. As well, most of the songs just end up bleeding together and becoming a tad bit annoying after you've listened through a couple of them. However, there are some salvageable songs that actually remain interesting once you dig through the debris of the album. The songs that stray from the normal sound of the album are the ones that stick out the most, such as "Driving to Nowhere," which stays a bit more subdued than the rest of the album. "Crank It Up" has something going on as well, and is probably the best of the more upbeat tracks. "Declaration of War" is interesting as well, and "Game Over" was great for the first few listens until the beat started to remind me way too much of Space Jam.

In the long run, this is probably a passable album. They seem to rely way too much on their one sound to make the album stand out as a whole. While there are some good songs, they'd probably be better picked up individually. While this album does have a kind of "fun-factor" to it, once that wears off after a couple of listens, you're really left with nothing more than an attempt to make something catchy and memorable when it really isn't. If the songs didn't drag on and bleed together like they do, the album definitely could have had more of an impact. However, as is, Music For An Accelerated Culture just doesn't have the spark it needs to get up off the ground.

Recommended if You Like3Oh!3 on ecstasy; Family Force 5

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08:59 PM on 12/05/08
Not that easy to confuse
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Poochemist's Avatar
Overall, a pretty good review. It would have been more helpful to get specific information on why a particular song or sound didn't work, other than saying "interesting," "great," etc. I was still able to catch your drift, but more specifics couldn't hurt.
05:00 AM on 12/09/08
Mayor West
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tommyhaych's Avatar
Sorry mate, but I totally disagree with this review. I love this cd primarily because of how experimental it is. They mix electronic music with indie/rock, with the addition of grime music, which is swiftly growing in popularity over here. I would definitely not label them as 'Hip Hop'.

I think you based the 'ecstacy' part of this review on an old 90's stereotype of the UK's rave scene, when Hadouken! are far from that. A lot of Indie kids are into them, and are in the leading group of this scene including Pendulum and Klaxons. You rarely hear this stuff in clubs over here.

Regarding the lyrics: Yeah, they are simple, but again, they have a very British cultural theme to them. They cover our 'Liquid Lives' fashion over here, including house parties, financial trouble, going out getting pissed and into fights.

However, I don't blame you for panning the CD, as electronic/rave/techno music has never really made it over there, so I suppose it just sounds like noise to you guys!

Kudos to you sir for bringing this band into AP.net's eyes. However, an American reviewing this cd is like getting Alternative Press to review a U2 cd or something.
08:13 AM on 12/09/08
Dan CiTi
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Dan CiTi's Avatar
Meh, this album is alrite. Really nothing special. A good name is wasted on a plain-ish band.
04:56 PM on 05/11/10
Registered Infant Consumer
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eatbabiesyum's Avatar
I also have to disagree :/ i like the album's focus on a specific stlye, because no one out their sounds remotely like it. i think the album had great songwriting (for this style of music), was catchy, fantastic synths, standout beats, etc.

I loved it :)

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