Scary Kids Scaring Kids - 05.31.05

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids - 05.31.05So, all the readers know who we are talking to, what is your name and what do you do in Scary Kids Scaring Kids?

My name is Pete Costa, and I play the drums in the band. I am also the "go to" guy in the band, which basically is a full time job.

Where did you all come to meet to for SKSK? And were you guys in any bands previous to this?

I was in a band before scary kids, with our current guitarist chad. The band met at Highland High School in Gilbert, Arizona. We were all good friends that hung out together, and I think only 3 of us actually played an instrument. our keyboardist pouyan was like, "Yea! I'll learn Keyboard!" and I think DJ was just taking guitar lessons at the time. We played punk music, and it got really boring (at least for drums). Chad had some new songs that were more open, and a little heavier I guess. We got our friends from school together, and formed the band. We practiced everyday after school for like hours. We didn't have any ambition to "make it" we just wanted to play music, have fun, and rock out. We only had 5 members when we first started, but about a month after we recorded the EP, we recruited Steve Kirby who definitely added more of a metal/rock n roll influence to our music.

How long have you guys all been in the band? And what has the experience been like thus far?

The band started in September of 2001 when we were juniors in high school.The experience has been awesome, on and off. We would play shows every weekend, usually at the Nile Theatre (RIP), which would involve fire breathing, breaking guitars, microwaves, tv's and such, Pouyan climbing on the pipes, and basically everything else that an bunch of ADD kids would do. We were so excited to go record with Bob Hoag. Being pretty young (seniors) at the time, he taught us a lot about song structure, he taught me how to hit a drum, and how to elaborate with vocal melodies. Bob is definitely one of the solid influences that helped mold and shape our band to what it is today. After recording, things died down a little bit, and we didn't see much future with the band until one day... Absolutepunk revived the Scary Kids! I think it was Jason Tate who mentioned us on the front page, and all of a sudden we were getting e-mails from labels of all sorts, and management. We met our current managers, and from there we have just been trying to chug along, and get our music out to everyone. We started touring, which is a blast, and also we were able to record with Brian McTernan which was a very influential, and great learning experience. Now we are here and ready to release our first
full length. I would say it's pretty exciting, and I'm excited to see what happens down the road.

I see you guys are from Arizona. What is the music scene around there like? And is there any bands that you think we should keep our ears open for in the future?

Arizona music scene is one of the strongest, most amazing scenes in the country I think. There are so many great bands from our area that are getting label interest, touring, and
building such a great rep for AZ. Some of the bands that I know you will see around are Lydia (who are also on hourzero records) The Stiletto Formal, Before Braille Greeley Estates, Goodbye Tomorrow, Versus the Mirror, A Change of Pace, Thirty FS, and tons more. wow that sounded almost like an advertisement.

The band just recently signed to Immortal records. How did you guys go about meeting them and getting signed to the label.

Yes we did. We met Immortal records through our best friend Tim Harmon, who was our photographer, and record label at the time. He took pictures for A Change of Pace, and somehow the A&R guy there got a hold of our CD, and tried with all his might to get us signed, and.. I guess he got us.

They also signed another Arizona band. Why the sudden interest in all these Arizona bands?

Because Arizona is the Shiz yo! 480 Represent!

You used to be signed to Hour Zero Records out of Arizona. Did they have any help with you guys getting signed to Immortal?

I guess this was sort of answered in the question before, but I didn't get to mention the fact
that Tim Harmon is a workaholic. He was also there to kind of give our band another kick start
and really help us get this EP to everyone around. Tim Harmon is the reason for our existance.

Now that you guys are signed, is there anything that has changed for you guys?

Well, I think like most bands, it's pretty sobering. Most bands I talk to think that when they sign to a label, that all the work is going to be done for them, and that they can just sit back and play music. Wrong. I think when you sign to a label, it's more work to do, and you are definitely committing more time, both daily, and long term.

So, I got sent a copy of the new album "The City Sleeps In Flames" which I think is an amazing album. Where did you guys come up with album title?

Well thank you, we got the name of the album from the title track "City Sleeps in Flames". Tyson had this idea lyrically about almost a takeover,destruction theme of the song. The original lyrics almost sounded white ower, so Brian told us to change some words and perspective. "City Sleeps in Fames" came up and there we have it.

The sound of the album is alot different then the EP. Did you guys plan to write something totally different, or is that just what came out?

We always just write what we want to play. We don't go for a certain sound and write in that area. I think the CD is pretty diverse as in slower more melodic songs, and then your more harder, angry, stand up and fight songs.Also adding Steve added a different style to our music as well. Steve is metal, and that's all. He's got a big beard, and listens to Swedish death
metal all day. Adding him to our band would be like adding chocolate syrup to your vanilla ice cream. It's still vanilla ice cream, but the chocolate just makes it that much better. Especially if it's hot chocolate. oh yea!

When you guys are writing a song, what is the usual writing process that you guys go through?

Normally Chad or Steve will have a basic idea for the song. Then us 3 will sit down and structure the song, and get it to where we like it. Then on goes the keyboards and bass, and we put down vocals last.

Since the album is soon to be released, are there any big plans to go out and promote it?

We are really excited for this summer. We are on about half of the warped our, which we are all so stoked about. We are also going on tour with The Receiving end Of SIrens and the Sleeping which will freakin rock.doing some dates in late july with Sunday Driver, and The Forecast.It's great to be touring on solid shows, and with amazing bands.

What have been some cd's that you have been listening to lately?

I've been listening to the new Mae, Armor for Sleep, and I can't wait for the Lydia to come out (www.myspace.com/lydia). Some of the CD's in the van are Comeback Kid, The Bled, Muse, Cat Stevens, All That Remains and.. uhh yea alot more, I just don't know them.

What had been some musical influences in your life? and when did you decide being in a band and writing music was what you wanted to do?

I've always loved music. I started playing piano when I was 8, that has been the thing that has kept me so in tune with music. I wanted to be a concert pianist, but then about a year and a half ago I had to choose the band over doing that. I guess it's just everything. I get anxiously excited to play every night, and to always just get better at what I do. Those of you who feel strongly towards music (which is probably all of you) know what it's like to be encompassed in music, it totally expresses every thing how you feel.Especially if it's music you enjoy playing. The music we play right now is great to play live, because the emotion is very diverse, it's very solid, and it's just flat-out rock n roll!

Well guys, is there any last words that you would like to say toall the fans and readers out there in absolutepunk.net land?

Thanks for everybody's excitement and anticipation for this new album. Thanks Absolutepunk for starting our career, for everyone's support in the past, we are so excited for whatever is going happen next, and finally... We do write our own songs!!! ;)
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11:13 AM on 06/01/05
I won't always live.. Not stopping.
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PunkDrums182's Avatar
Cool. I havent heard them, maybe i should check them out.
02:00 PM on 06/01/05
Gabe Borquez
Beast Nashville
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Gabe Borquez's Avatar
pete is a sweetheart <3<3<3
02:14 PM on 06/01/05
Hot Damn!
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burnpianoisland's Avatar
great band. good interview too. i cant wait for the 28th.
02:25 PM on 06/01/05
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archamedes's Avatar
i cant wait till Tim Harmon starts a band, itll be wild
04:02 PM on 06/01/05
too hot for the hot tub
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piebaldkid42's Avatar
as the shirt says:

i <3 sk
12:18 AM on 06/03/05
i <3 lincoln
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greeleye's Avatar
pete's a sexy man. he makes great waffles after a long night of spoonin'.
12:07 AM on 12/11/11
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12:08 AM on 12/11/11
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I miss them.

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