DJ Rosstar - 6.27.05

Interviewed by
DJ Rosstar - 6.27.05- Pat Marquez: Could you please give us your name and a little background information about your job?

DJ Rossstar: My name is DJ Rossstar and I run DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show. An internet radio show that airs two days a week (Wed and Thurs) on Idobi Radio from 7-8pm Pst and features live interviews and performances from major label bands such as New Found Glory and Sugarcult and unsigned bands such as Eightyonedays and Last Week

- Pat Marquez: Yeah I noticed that you have done some things with unsigned bands.. I run a feature for Absolute Punk known as Absolutely Unsigned and Is To Feel was one of the bands I put up on the page.. I noticed that you did something with them also.. Now do these bands contact you?? Or how does that work?

DJ Rossstar: Bands contact me through IM and e-mail. I get around 2-3 emails a day, usually bands who have heard an episode and were interested. Sometimes I will post ads on asolutepunk.net looking for unsigned bands to come on the show because I like variety

- Pat Marquez: That's really awesome considering the outreach you have. That is amazing exposure for the smaller bands.. I have noticed a lot of people have been trying to help the unsigned guys as of late.. What's your favorite part about running your show?

DJ Rossstar: I enjoy the connection I help build between the band and the fans. I try to ask every reasonable question to my guests on the show and I make sure to include the name of the person who sent the question online. Even though they aren't in the studio with the band and I it makes them feel as if they are.

- Pat Marquez: Where do you see your show in five years? What direction would you like to take the show?

DJ Rossstar: Hmmm....every day is a new day. I try not to plan too far in advance. I like to focus on the week ahead of me and what acts I am going to be booking into the studio. I do everything myself so it takes some time setting everything up. In five years hopefully every punk fan will know about the show.

- Pat Marquez: You guys are growing so rapidly..n ow it's known that you have a DVD coming out.. do you always have a camera crew in your studio?? Or was it just a few times??

DJ Rossstar: Since the show moved to Los Angeles in September, we have documented everything about the show from before it aired to afterwards. The Punk Video Guys filmed as well as my kid friend Danny Waps. The result will be out at the end of July and will feature all the rare acoustic performances and interviews from fall out boy, sugarcult, army of freshmen, bayside, over it, this providence, maxeen and about 10 others

- Pat Marquez: What about distro.. where can people pick up the DVD? Do you have a release date set in stone yet?

DJ Rossstar: No release date set but I would say Tuesday, August 2nd 2005. As for distro, we are starting out with 1000 DVD's first to be sold online. I don't want to distribute 10,000 and sell 5 lol so we want to do a trial run.

- Pat Marquez: There is nothing wrong with that. Are you working on a second DVD? Does a crew still film the shows.. or are you just sticking by this one and seeing how it does?

DJ Rossstar: as of recently i have been focusing more on getting the dvd out then anything. I still have bands come in but alot of them are call-ins as of late. Once the DVD is out I am sure we will start filming again. The last in studio we filmed was two weeks ago with Rufio

- Pat Marquez: Any performances coming up soon?

DJ Rossstar: Honestly, right now I don't have anything too crazy planned. Almost everyone is on Warped so I am focusing on having bands call in and report from Warped. I would like to have more unsigned bands in the studio.

- Pat Marquez: Any unsigned bands in particular.. and why we are on that topic.. why don't you give us some information on a few of your favorite unsigned bands.

DJ Rossstar: Never Heard Of It are great buddies of mine. I really love this NY band called Last Week. Eightyonedays is rad. (They put me in their video!)

- Pat Marquez: That's awesome! I think you should check out this group from Newburgh, New York.. The Morning Of (www.purevolume.com/themorningof) .. they are amazing! ;) .. In your opinion who would you say is the biggest band you have had in your studio?

DJ Rossstar: It depends on what is "big." To me, it was between Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish To kids these days, they would probably say Fall Out Boy, Sugarcult, New Found Glory and Yellowcard. It's a generation gap

- Pat Marquez: I see. Did these bands contact you? Or did you contact them? And just for the record I will be in LA soon! Haha.

DJ Rossstar: Every situation is different. I work very closely with publicists and labels who will suggest bands for my show. Other times, If I am interested in having a band on I will contact them. Each show is different. Some of the bands I am already friends with so I can just ask em directly.

- Pat Marquez: That's awesome. Alright well one last time give us a little more insight to the DVD and then tell Absolute Punk your show times.. and whatever else you would like to say!

DJ Rossstar: DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show...Live in my Apartment Due out Tuesday, August 2nd featuring acoustic performances and rare interviews from Fall Out Boy, Sugarcult, This Providence, Over It, Bayside, Army of Freshmen, Maxeen, June and tons more. Keep checking www.djrossstar.com for more details and tune in every Wednesday and Thursday from 7-8pm PST to hear the show!
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01:00 PM on 06/27/05
Scott Weber
Live Like a Legend
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I was on his show once. It was fun.
01:08 PM on 06/27/05
Registered User
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DJ Rossstar is an awesome guy. great friend to have. def check out his show every week and support his hardworking ass.
01:56 PM on 06/27/05
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I haven't heard the show, but from the looks of the bands he's worked with, it looks like it's an awesome show! Awesome interview by the way! :)
03:07 PM on 06/27/05
Registered User
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ross is extremely talented...the show is amazing and absolutely worth listening to :)
03:37 PM on 06/27/05
MaDeMaN FiAsCo
Sticky caps are silly
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MaDeMaN FiAsCo's Avatar
Good job, Ross. :)
03:41 PM on 06/27/05
Pat Marquez
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Pat Marquez's Avatar
Ross better let me on his show when I come out to LA :(.
03:55 PM on 06/27/05
True Punk Fan
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resUrectMe617's Avatar
awesome dude, fa sho.
01:27 AM on 06/28/05
AP Addict
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sendouthesoscal's Avatar
Rosstar is our HOMEY! big ups to him and D waps

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