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Moving Mountains - Foreword EP

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Moving Mountains - Foreword EP
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: December 2008
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
America learned a lot in 2008. Fast food chicken sandwiches aren’t much healthier than their hamburger counterparts. Spending money that doesn’t exist is only smart if you’re playing Monopoly. Playing Monopoly does not count as “a night on the town.” And lastly, we can’t take anything for granted. Our favorite TV shows may never return. Our favorite bands may release poop-on-tape. Nothing is sacred anymore, but hey, at least we’re learning things. Moving Mountains was a band I counted on. But as the year progressed and nothing materialized from the New York four-piece - and all my savings shit the bed. F**k you, Wachovia - I began to doubt the band’s ability to create something new and exciting. Pneuma was a veritable re-awakening for me. I realized once again that music could be dynamic, accessible and life changing all at once. It’s almost as if the band knew America would need a pick-me-up. Foreword became available online and the moment of truth finally arrived. But now I can say, with complete certainty, that Foreword erases the pain of long waits and shortsighted investing. Moving Mountains, I am your willing servant yet again.

On Foreword, Moving Mountains went down a checklist and fixed the few things wrong with Pneuma. The songs are now longer (four tracks equal almost 40 minutes of music), and the instrumental sections are emphasized with heavier brooding and atmospheres shrouded in dark clouds. Vocally, the band has improved immensely; nasally attempts at eeriness have been replaced by confident, manly wails. The screams are more elusive, but when they hit, like in the intense and horn-filled “With One’s Heart in One’s Mouth”, you’ll stop what you’re doing and appreciate a successful recreation of passion through music. Foreword is an album pampered in every way. Each song plays out like an act from a play, meticulously crafted and tirelessly rehearsed. And I don’t know about you, but after waiting so long, it just felt empowering to hear the rolling drum buildup in “Foreword.” When the vocals finally crash in with, “We are so far away from home,” try to stay still. It’s the sound of a band growing past everyone's expectations.

As a lover of the band’s earlier slow songs, it’s a no-brainer that “Armslength” caught my attention on initial listens. A softened acoustic guitar mesmerizes, even while enduring varying drum onslaughts. It’s this tense drama that sets Moving Mountains apart. Even on the first listen you’ll anticipate an encroaching sonic explosion. The lyrics shine here, too: “Do we love ourselves / In the name of God? / Do we learn to love / When it’s all we’ve got? / Well, I do.” By writing lyrics in this inquisitive, what-if style, Moving Mountains effectively counterbalance a search for universal truth with the certainty of their musical movements. Here, warbling guitars and a powerful bass drum seem to represent a band that knows exactly where its place is in this world. But these questions! They almost turn the music into a form of therapy; “Well we don’t know much about life, but we do know how to melt some faces!” And maybe, just maybe, that’s what all these orchestrated sounds we fans chase after represent. The world may be a mysterious place full of uncertainty, but we’ll always have music with the ability to morph into any answer that may momentarily elude us. Moving Mountains haven’t just satisfied with Foreword, they’ve revolutionized.

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You are NOT the lender!www.absolutepunk.net/movingmountains
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03:04 AM on 01/02/09
Retired From AP, Not Bant
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i wont lie, not my favorite review, but strongly gets the point across... this band is amazing

great music
03:59 AM on 01/02/09
Sic Transit Zeb
Registered User
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Sic Transit Zeb's Avatar
I thought this was a great review, personally.

Love this band's music.

Totally agree on the vocals improving, that was one of the first things I've noticed. Great stuff.
05:38 AM on 01/02/09
hates your guts.
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robdobi's Avatar
i was curious about the cast before the break that you referred to, so i checked em out on myspace.

did you refer to them as a joke? because they rip moving mountains HARD.

http://www.myspace.com/thecastbeforethebreak listen to agnosia, then moving mountains 8105 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97GXQ97rvic
05:40 AM on 01/02/09
makin' good time
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Ryzenfall's Avatar
Not my favorite review... but definitely in the top three. Depending on the street.
07:00 AM on 01/02/09
We shouldnt have abandoned dreaming
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jtyexists9's Avatar
This review def hit the nail on the head. I loved this EP.
07:28 AM on 01/02/09
Arturtio, en español por favor!
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ahabian's Avatar
I'd say Pneuma hit harder. This might take a few listens to get into.
07:49 AM on 01/02/09
Registered User
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Kennis's Avatar

They are playing Jan. 6th at the Saint with Pompeii, Chemtrail , and Delft.

If you are on facebook the event can be found here:

07:50 AM on 01/02/09
on the edge of summer
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band needs to tour the west coast, now.

blake loloman is easily the best reviewer ever.
08:19 AM on 01/02/09
Boy Wonder
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JimGray's Avatar
Easily my favorite band at the moment, just a really solid band with a lot of passion.

Great review.
09:07 AM on 01/02/09
Registered Member
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InaGreendase's Avatar
If they're really considering this an EP, what's the next "actual" full-length gonna run? Like an hour and a half?
09:18 AM on 01/02/09
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jrtbighurt's Avatar
Good review. Great EP.
10:12 AM on 01/02/09
What's a fuckass?
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TheDemosRock's Avatar
Fair rating, and a bit over the top on the review.. but I suppose if you love it that much then there's nothing to be said :)

great EP
10:21 AM on 01/02/09
glory glory
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IamTheINDUSTRY's Avatar
great ep. better than pneuma? i say better sounding than pneuma.
10:31 AM on 01/02/09
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i12punk's Avatar
i was curious about the cast before the break that you referred to, so i checked em out on myspace.

did you refer to them as a joke? because they rip moving mountains HARD.

http://www.myspace.com/thecastbeforethebreak listen to agnosia, then moving mountains 8105 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97GXQ97rvic

One similar riff in two otherwise completely different songs is ripping them HARD?

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