Catch 22 - 08.02.05

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Catch 22 - 08.02.05First off, I just want to say thank you for doing this interview. Now, who am I talking to and what do you do in Catch 22?

I am Kevin. I play the trumpet and sing a little.

It's great to have you here. So, tell us a bit about what's going on with you guys lately?

Well we are on the road as a last minute fill in for American Hi-Fi with Reel Big Fish. We did this tour last year and have a very good realationship with Reel Big Fish and their "people", hehe. .So, they needed a band, and we were planning on being off writing and recording. They called us and it took like 10 minutes for us to decide. Hell yeah, we are going. Two weeks later we are on the road and four weeks later I am two weeks into the tour sitting in Reno doing this interview.

I've heard you've been writing new material. Can you give us a little insight on what it's sounding like?

Speaking of new material, the new record is gonna be heavier. It's gonna have a lot more guts than the last release. We still want it to be catchy and sing a lot, but we also want to find the edge that Alone in a Crowd had.

When do you plan to record and release a new album? I know we're all anxious for that.

We are planning on recording this fall for an early spring '06 release.

Seeing as how you have been in the band since the release of Keasbey Nights, can you explain the change in the style of the band between albums? Like from Keasbey Nights to Alone In A Crowd and Washed Up!, then Alone In A Crowd to Dinosaur Sounds?

Well, the changes in style have only been because their have been quite a few changes in the band. Not only have we replaced two singers, but we have also gotten older. We started playing in the band when we were 17. Most of us are pushing 26 now, so....it's just natural. We have also added Ian on this latest record and he added a lot of the jazzy/blues elements that you hear in the horn lines and chord progressions.

Speaking of your records, from album to album you seem to produce a completely different vibe, or at least it has seemed that way to me. What can we expect from the new album, and is there any particular direction you're going to take with this one?

Like I said earlier, I think the new album will be a bit heavier and have a bit of a bite to it. Haha, that was so metal.

Will the current members of Catch 22 be involved at all in Streetlight's re-making of Keasbey Nights (assuming this is what they're doing, I haven't heard any official confirmation on it)? It is listed on the Best Buy website that each song on the album features Catch 22. What's the deal with that? If you're not involved in the album, how do you feel about Tomas and the gang re-doing it?

We arent involved in the Keasbey Nights project, and I don't really want to talk about it because Tomas hasn't really told me much about it. I personally don't see the point in revisiting the album, but it's his project from when he was young and he wants to do it. I am sure his intentions are noble.

I apologize in advance if it's a touchy subject, but are there any hard feelings between the current members of Catch 22 and the past members, or did things end on a good note?

Tomas always makes fun of me because he read in an interview that when people leave bands it always ends on a bad note, because if it was good they wouldn't leave. With that being said, Tomas and I talk all the time and even do some business together again. Things always work out in the end, and I think they have worked out well for Catch and Streetlight.

Right on. Next, if you had to pick one Catch 22 song as your favourite, which would it be and why?

Uhm, anything that I play high notes in. Trumpet players love playing high even if they can't do it that well. If you hit it 1out of 10 times, that 1 time is just amazing. I like my high notes at the end of Dear Sergio on Keasbey. Haha, I am a dork!

You guys were recently on the road with Flogging Molly and hit up the Bamboozle festival as well. What were those experiences like?

Bamboozle was pretty cool. A lot of cool bands. Punchline was my favorite set of the day. Love those guys. Flogging Molly tour was really cool. It was kind of weird to play in front of an older crowd. A lot of rowdy
drunks. Well, not really, but that would have been cool.

Speaking of shows, do you guys have any big touring plans coming up, or are you settling down to work on a new album for the time being?

Depending on when you post this, we have a tour with A Wilhelm Scream and Whole Wheat Bread coming up in a few weeks. Not much planned after that. We really need to start writing.

How do you feel your live show has evolved over time? After so many lineup changes, and obstacles to overcome, do you finally feel you've found a groove you're most comfortable in?

I think we are playing a lot better than we ever have. Ryan and I have really grown comfortable in the lead singer role, but we aren't letting it get to our heads. It's just fun for us to sing some songs on stage every night. People are always gonna love us or hate us. We are just that kind of band.

You guys recently released a live CD/DVD entitled "Catch 22 Live". What made you guys want to do a live disc/dvd?

People always told us that we should put out a live cd, so we listened. I think it came out really well. I wish we could say we worked really hard on it, but all we did was play the show. Except for Mingus, he did a lot of editing and mixing on it, so he worked hard.

Excuse me for so many questions relating to the past, but what's it like performing songs without members of the band that helped write them? For example, I know you guys play songs like "Keasbey Nights" and "9mm and a 3-Piece Suit" live, so how is it different playing them now than the way it used to be?

Eh, songs are songs. We play a few songs from each of our albums and don't feel bad doing it. People want to hear some of them and we like to play them. That's all.

What was it like shooting the video for "Wine Stained Lips", and why did you guys decide not to release a second single from Dinosaur Sounds?

Wine Stained Lips video was a lot of fun. It's always kind of cool to have like 20 people running around shooting the video and telling us to get the hell out of the way. Haha. Videos are totally rockstar, and sometimes it's fun to feel like a rockstar.

Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about the current state of the ska scene? It's safe to say it isn't the most popular thing in the world right now, but it's alive nonetheless. Do you think it will ever make a full-fledged comeback?

I think ska is gonna come back. A few labels have signed some young ska/reggae bands and there are a few that won't go away like us, Mustard Plug, and Big D.

Alright, I don't want to take up too much more of your time, so we'll leave it here. Are there any last words you'd like to leave our readers with?

Thanks for all the years of fun! And come out to the shows!

Thanks a million for doing this interview. Cheers.

Thanks man.


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11:01 AM on 08/02/05
Forever a 3EB Fan
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Fuck yeah! My question got used!
11:43 AM on 08/02/05
Brandon Allin
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Originally Posted by TheWoj
Fuck yeah! My question got used!
It was a great question, so I decided to use it. Thanks alot! :)
01:46 PM on 08/02/05
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kevins a great guy. The agency he is a booking agent for when he's not on the road actualy set up some dates for streetlight. I think its called "star booking" out of nj, I think they represent big d, zolof,june? Not exactly sure if "star" is the name,but hes definitly an agent.
03:11 PM on 08/02/05
General know-nothing
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Originally Posted by I.O
kevins a great guy. The agency he is a booking agent for when he's not on the road actualy set up some dates for streetlight. I think its called "star booking" out of nj, I think they represent big d, zolof,june? Not exactly sure if "star" is the name,but hes definitly an agent.

Lucky Artist Booking, they do good work.

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