Emery - 08.15.05

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Emery - 08.15.05First off, introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in Emery.

My name is matt, and I play the guitar in emery.

The new album "The Question" just came out a couple of days ago. How does it feel to finally have the album out in stores after working so hard on it?

Obviously its a great feeling, the best part about it is that we made and wrote the album so recently and its already out. We wrote all the music in March and recorded it in April, so it feels like yesterday. It is much more satisfying to have it out before we've even had a chance to second guess it or get tired of it.

[/b]Now, the whole album seems to have a theme, is there anything you can tell us to give us a better idea of the album.

Well all the songs themselves are questions, and I wish I could tell you that there is a story or a running theme or a mystery or something, but there isn't. So just listen to each song, read the lyrics, and enjoy them individually. Maybe next time we can build a masterpiece concept album. I love the concept of the CD artwork. Who did you have do that for you? We pretty much knew what it should look like when we came up with the Idea for the name and the songs, so we asked asterik studios to do the design, they did our last one too and we are always happy with their work, tour posters, web design, CD layout etc.

I especially like "Playing With Fire". Is there any story behind that?

Devin wrote the lyrics, and he would be much better to ask than me, but I do know that that song is about meeting the devil. Was the whole recording process different from this album and the first one? There was almost nothing the same about this one from the last one ha-ha. We wrote the entire record the month before we recorded it. Everyday we would get up and go to work writing, almost keeping regular business hours. It was very fun and nerve racking to do it that way, but the end result is a definite snapshot of where emery was musically in march of 2005. The last record is a collection of songs written over a couple of years.

Can we expect to see a video soon? And if so, which song are you guys thinking about doing first.

We are working on a video right now for studying politics. We will hopefully shoot it in September and I have no idea how long it is after you shoot a video before people get to see it. I noticed that the band has had a rather busy touring schedule the last few years. How did you find time to write on the road? Well we didn't write on the road, at all. We did it all after out winter tour.

You were just on this year’s warped tour. Are there any more plans for any tours in the coming months?

Were happy to announce that we are doing a headlining tour in September and October in support of the question. And we are very happy to be taking with us, gym class here’s Gatsby’s American dream, and as cities burn.

The band is signed to Tooth And Nail Records. How did you guys go about getting signed to the label?

It was just a matter of the contract they offered and how much we believed that they wanted to see our band succeed

What was some of your influences growing up musically?

Growing up I listened to radio and alternative stuff like nirvana and green day

Is there a band or album that really made you wanted to start and peruse music or was it just something that happened?

For me it probably was when nirvana came out and I got a pair of drumsticks and started to play on pillows.

I'm not sure how crazy you guys are on tour, but am there any crazy or memorable tour moments that you would like to share with all of us?

It’s not a testament to us being crazy, but my favorite story is one night we were sleeping in someone’s basement, and divines girl friend was with us. For some reason she started screaming as loud as she could in the middle of the night” help!!!" because she had a Charlie horse. It scared everyone to death, everyone woke up terrified but no one ever moved or said a word.

A lot of amazing albums have been coming out this year. Is there a personal favorite of yours?

Easily, everyone in emery's favorite album is boys night out's new one, train wreck

We are always interested in finding out about new bands, is there any that you can think of that we should all know about?

New bands? I'd say Portugal the man, and the Felix culpa, you got to find out about those

If there were one thing in today's music scene that you would change, what would that be?

I don't really like the violent kids that come to shows to hurt people and show off how tough they are

What would be the ideal dream tour for you guys?

weezer and foo fighters

What are your thoughts on sites like myspace and purevolume that allow bands to share their music with such a huge crowd of listeners?

Well obviously it’s a wonderful thing that helps everyone involved, the site people, us, the kids who want the music and info

That's about all the questions I have for you guys, is there any shout outs or any last thing you would like to say to all the fans out there in absolutepunk.net land?

My grandma is 86 and she loves absolutepunk.net so " hi meme, I love you" and for everyone else please don't say mean stuff about me on the Internet please, my grandma will read it.
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03:29 PM on 08/15/05
oh word?
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Criesofthepast7's Avatar
haha, that was nice.
03:48 PM on 08/15/05
Welcome, Ghosts.
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iHATEapril's Avatar
This band is soo amazing
04:31 PM on 08/15/05
I feel numb in this kingdom
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reav's Avatar
sup granny.
04:50 PM on 08/15/05
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InMotion's Avatar
He seems like such a good guy, most people when asked if there's anything to say they're like "yeah, we love our fans and buy our records" or something stupid or cliche'. This guy says he loves his Grandma. How awesome is that? Emery is incredible.

PS Studying Politics is thrilling.
04:50 PM on 08/15/05
The Silencer
the one above all
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The Silencer's Avatar
I wonder if she registered and has a username...imagine how strange that would be.
05:39 PM on 08/15/05
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starcrossdlovex's Avatar
"If there were one thing in today's music scene that you would change, what would that be?
I don't really like the violent kids that come to shows to hurt people and show off how tough they are"

I love Matt even more for that.

& I'm jealous cause my grandma doesn't even have a computer =[
06:49 PM on 08/15/05
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I.O's Avatar
07:07 PM on 08/15/05
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leafsacc's Avatar
I'm glad that he said there wasn't a concept to the album, now i can finally stop looking for it.
08:11 PM on 08/15/05
Juliet R Delta
Under the weather.
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Juliet R Delta's Avatar
i think the little emo girl in me just cried. :) Fuck i love Emery. *runs out to buy record and feels incredibly slack that she hasn't done it yet*
08:14 PM on 08/15/05
Count Me Out
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em0_stars's Avatar
<3 Emery
08:22 PM on 08/15/05
I take no comfort in that fact.
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HollywoodAbalze's Avatar
Originally Posted by starcrossdlovex
"If there were one thing in today's music scene that you would change, what would that be?
I don't really like the violent kids that come to shows to hurt people and show off how tough they are"

I love Matt even more for that.

& I'm jealous cause my grandma doesn't even have a computer =[

those are the worst things about shows... and im jealous as well, my grandpa is afraid of computers
09:17 PM on 08/15/05
****** of the funky bunch
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MarkyMark1984's Avatar
i heart emery . . . matt keep rockin' hard and i'll see ya on that tour with as cities burn when you come to kansas city!
09:45 PM on 08/15/05
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
emery is pretty much awesome...i love em..
10:04 AM on 08/16/05
dropped it like it's hot
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XthroughmyeyesX's Avatar
Amazingggg. <3

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