Valencia - 11.28.05

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Valencia - 11.28.05who am I talking to and what do you do in the band?

I'm Brendan and I play guitar in the band, and some backup vocals.

I have been listening to the bands stuff for some time know and I can’t get over how great it is. Would you say that any certain band really influenced you guys growing up to make you the musicians you are today?

There are two bands that have really influenced my song writing and becoming a musician.
The first band that made me want to pick up a guitar is The Beatles, listening to them all of my life my parents brought me up on them, every morning we'd listen to the white album disc 1 before school. I still listen to The Beatles almost everyday and it has influenced me so much. Another band that has really influenced me is Saves the Day. The way that every album is completely different and they write such great songs.

I heard that you guys had all been in a few bands previous to Valencia. What bands where they and how did you all meet to form what we all know as Velencia?

Yeah we've all been in different bands before. George and JD and I were in a band called the Capgun Heroes. You might think we were ska, but it was actually really really poppy punk. We we're in that during high school and met Shane and Max through playing shows with their bands. Max was in a band called the Emphasis. The Emphasis was actually one of our favorite local bands and we would always listen to them, and then when we were in need of a new drummer we asked Max to fill in. A week after we started playing with max, we told him we had a show in Connecticut and he knew he was in too deep, so he just stuck with us. Shane was in a band called Attracted to Miss, which was a three piece who we would play with all the time. The first time we ever played with his band we were in awe of how good of a voice he had and all knew he had to be a part of Valencia. We started jamming with Shane and writing songs and finally decided it was time to make this our one and only project for all 5 of us.

So, where does the name Valencia come from?

The name Valencia comes from a town in Spain. When George, Jd and I were getting together the new members to form a new band and got Max and Shane we went through so many bad ideas. We had so many different things going on that change became a normal thing for us. In the golden ages of Spain's history, the town of Valencia became a symbol for progress and evolution, and we felt that really showed what we are about. Not only with the constant change, we are always obsessed with progressing and making the next thing we do better than the last. Every tour needs to bring more kids, every song needs to be better, every live show has to be better than the last. Valencia really just encompasses us as people and our ideals.

I heard about you guys a whilte back from Robb when midtown played here in Omaha. How did you guys go about meeting him and getting signed to the label?

Getting on Rob's label almost seems like a fluke. We sent demos to every label, big and small, that we could think of. Rob was the only person who responded. We didn't even get the smallest courtesy package from any labels to say they had received our package. So when Rob called me at whatever time in the morning and woke me up to tell me how much he was freaking out about our demo, i couldn't have been more surprised. He calls and says 'This is Rob from Midtown and I Surrender records," and i definitely didn't believe. I thought it was some kind of prank until he started telling me about how he listens to Dave Grohl for inspiration and getting all deep and personal with me haha. He said that he rarely gets a chance to listen to demo submissions, and on top of that, he has NEVER liked a demo before ours, and was so excited that he finally heard a demo that he loved. So we finally met up with Rob when the Midtown and Fall Out Boy tour came through our area, and then several other times, and finally decided he was going to be our best bet. Looking at every thing else he's done in the past, we really couldn't go wrong with Rob and Alex and are all very happy with our decision. What really sold us though, was the free pizza in Brooklyn.

The new album “This Could Be A Possibitly” came out last month. How long did you guys work on this album?

This Could Be A Possibility really is different than most albums you think about. We didn't sit down all at once and take time off and write an album and record it all in one sitting. We wrote this recording beginning in September of 2004. We wrote four songs and began playing shows on those and demoing them first, those 4 songs are the ones that got us signed with I Surrender. We decided that we should start piecing together other songs that we had been working on and get our full length together. So in about December or January we began to demo songs and picked the 10 best songs that we felt were going to make our debut something special. We called up Vince Ratti at Skylight Studios and booked some time in March to finally begin recording the album. However, in Aprirl, we had a bit of a setback. After finishing all main tracks and were about to begin vocal harmonies, we had a "band meeting" at 3 in the morning and decided to scrap all these songs. We were pretty bummed out that it hadn't come out the way we wanted. It was a really good lesson though and thats the best part about it. We learned that rushing anything is never good. We've got all the time in the world which is the best part about this business, and we didn't want everyone's first impression of us to be that, so we went back to Max's basement. We paid off what we had done and started writing all new songs, and fixing up some of the old songs. Most nights for the next 2 or 3 months i would be up until 5 or 6 in the morning writing and demoing things on my four track. We put our heart and soul into it this time around, and certainly all our time and energy. School suffered, but what can you do, this is our dream and we had to make it right. So we went back into the studio in May and booked twice as much time as the last. We spent hours and hours working on the right sounds, the right parts, and just making it the way we wanted it. We finally finished the record in about late June and couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Are you excited to have it finally come out and see how the fans react to it?

It's a really good feeling to have a piece of work that you're proud of and can hold in your hand. We are proud of every aspect of this record, and taking it on the road has been awesome. People have been reacting very well to us. The best part about it is when we hit up towns where we've never been before and we get people out just to see us. These kids I've never met before are singing our songs in a place we've never been, and thats the best feeling ever. I hope it continues to grow and more people will hear our record, but its a long process and we're willing to work as hard as we have to get people listen to us.

I read on the website that the band is based out of Philadelphia. What is the music scene like there and did you find it hard to get noticed or get the music out there?

The rock scene in Philly has really been really good to us. There is so much talent in the suburbs and in the city. Bands like Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, The Starting Line, Circa Survive, Days Away and so many others have come out of our area in the recent years. These bands and so many others have really gotten kids excited about music and get them coming out to shows, checking out new music and giving us a chance. We actually have a song on the record, 10th Street, which is all about our home town and how much we love it. We have so many friends here and people are so good to us that it makes it hard to leave. One downside i've noticed though is that there are ALOT of bands in the area. So many bands that its almost hard to get people to hear you because its almost like there are 15 other bands in the area, why should i check you out. This just creates a challenge and keeping things fresh, and that definitely has helped us become a better band. Keep things new and different and get people talking and want to check us out, but it's always hard in the beginning, but we can't complain and we love Philly.

There are a few dates here and there that you guys are playing in the next month, but can we hope to see a tour in the near future?

We are actually on tour right now. We left on November 4th and are staying out until the 5th of December. We did about 3 weeks by ourselves and just met up today with our friends Tokyo Rose, who we will be out with for the rest of the tour. After that, we're home for about 3 days and back out for another 2 weeks with a band called Sound the Alarm. In the new year, we hope to stay on the road as much as we can. Alot of bands find it hard being away from home and all, but we just love staying on the road. We love meeting new people.

This year has been full of great albums. Is there any that had stuck out or you can’t stop listening to?

There are several new albums that I can't stop listening to. Coldplay's X and Y is incredible. Death Cab's plans is amazing. Another cd that really has been non stop with me is Days Away's Mapping an Invisible World. Copeland's new record is also really really good.

Well, that’s about all the questions I have for you guys, thank you for taking the time to answer them. Is there any last words or shout outs that you would like to say to all the readers and fans out there in absolutepunk.net land?

There are lots of other thing I'd like to say, but i won't waste everyone's time. If you're reading this though, please come to a show and talk to us, that's all we ask. We'd be very bored and dull if it weren't for the amazing conversations I have with random new people I meet at shows. So, thank you for that, and continue to come and support! Thanks again!
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thanks for asking my question.
11:35 AM on 12/31/07
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he sounds like a really cool guy.

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