The Dillinger Escape Plan

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The Dillinger Escape PlanCould you please give us your name and position in The Dillinger Escape Plan?

- Yeah my name is Greg and I sing for The Dillinger Escape Plan.

In my opinion I think you are the best vocalist for Dillinger, how did you get in touch with the guys and had this been a band you were following for a while?

- Yeah I was pretty much into this band since "Under The Running Board" EP which I guess is pretty much most people know them for. I was talking to a friend of mine at the time we were talking about bands who we thought were gonna be doing cool shit in the future and you know he was like "Dillinger Escape Plan, what a shame" and I was like "what are you talking about?" and he like "they just split with there singer" and I was like "oh shit that bands done" and he was like "no actually they are auditioning people" and I had been singing and playing this type of music since I was fifteen or so and then he was like "you should audition" and I just happen to find Ben's e-mail and e-mailed him, sent him a bunch of shit. He was like "come out for an audition" and then they were like "you're in the band." It was kind of a standard job application.

What kind of bands did you grow up listening to?

- Uhm it was pretty much all kinds of metal and hardcore. Like typical stuff kids around my age listened to when they were young like Slayer and shit like that. Gun's N' Roses, Metallica. From more of the death metal side I listen to a lot of Death like a lot of early 90's Florida death metal. And of course the same hardcore shit every one grew up listening to, Bad Brains, you know, shit like that.

Where are you originally from?

- Baltimore.

Really, I'm from Baltimore too, I think I read that in one of your interviews.

- What part?

I'm actually from Harford County.

- Right now I live, I guess I kinda do.. I don't really have a place to live. But do you know where the beltway meets 95?


- Yeah you know where Arbutus is?

No I'm not to familiar with that name.

- Shit man, I don't know..Caton Avenue? Frederick Road? Wilkins Avenue? Harford is kind of a whole different area. But that's cool man.

I think I also read you did some landscaping as well? I did that for a summer.

- Haha, yeah.

Just out of curiosity do you remember the landscaping company you worked with?

- I don't man, I really don't. It was only for like a month. At that time I was completely unemployed and I was like man I don't know what to do. So it was me and like ten Mexicans shoveling shit around.

I read in a few interviews where you guys discuss about finding a new label. Any news on that? I also heard possibly Epitaph?

- Na, we did put "Irony Is A Dead Scene" out on Epitaph and they did a really good job. There was a point in time where we had problems with Relapse, you know, we had things we didn't agree on so on and so fourth but right now that labels kind of undergone a transformation lately man and we are really kind of excited we might just stay honestly. We only have one record left on our contract. I'm sure we'll look at other possibilities. But Relapse right now pretty much has everything we are interested in. I don't feel comfortable with major labels

Has a record label like Victory ever approached you?

- Ah, I don't know man when Miss Machine came out there was tons of people. The problem with those labels like Victory, Trustkill and Ferret they are not really any bigger then Relapse. Relapse is pretty much just as good as any of them. If we were to go anywhere pretty much the only place to go is like a Major Label. We talked to some of them man. We were really naive to even speak with them to begin with and they like promised us the world and we were like "oh shit" and they were like "you're gonna make tons of money by doing exactly what you're doing!!" and I was like how is that possible? And then the closer we got we started finding out little intricacies in the contract and I started finding out it wasn't exactly what we thought. They wanted more control. Were really kind of about control with everything.. everything that is associated with us. Our band, our album art, like our music our website every single thing that is affiliated with us. We don't want someone being like "no you can't use that" or "you need to write a hit" or "this songs not appropriate for the record" you know what I mean? Were not interested in that.

What's the weirdest / craziest thing you have done at a show?

- Uh, I don't know man. Something crazy happens pretty much every night. It's hard to say man, I don't know.

A lot of people classify you guys as Tech Metal so even say you are the pioneers of the genre. Do you hear a lot of that and how does it make you feel? And do you hate the term Tech Metal?

- I do honestly hate the term. We were never really like were the tech metal godfathers, we never said that. You know just because people in our band are able to play there instruments very well, you know what I mean? Which in turn makes them want to challenge themselves when they are writing songs. I don't know man there is plenty of people in music that is not considered tech that are really good players. The guitar players in a lot of hair metal bands fucking smoked, but you would never say they were tech music.

Yeah I mean I think it's a lot of the fans that also categorize the bands.

- Yeah man, I mean I understand peoples needs to affiliate things like "if you like this, you might like this." But I don't feel comfortable with it (the term tech metal). We want to have the freedom to do whatever we want. That's the definite constraint.

Some guy from Arizona wanted to know what happened to Ben when Greg threw the staircase into the air and it landed on his head during the final song in Tucson, Arizona?

- Uhm, well I got yelled at. Ben yelled at me for a while over that. I don't know.. (turns to Liam) did Ben get stitches.. he didn't get stitches for that did he?

Liam -- No, he didn't get knocked out.

- No, he was really just like dazed.

Liam -- That was easily one of the craziest things ever.

- If you want to talk about scary things that was one of them. I just grabbed a box that was on stage and threw it, I wasn't really paying attention. You know, you just do shit when you're playing. I didn't realize Ben was there and I just kinda hit him, grazed the back of his head.

Liam -- Oh.. no you didn't. No man, it was square on. The thing went up and then Ben like stepped up into it to give him like another foot between him and the box.

- And then he just crumbled man went right to the ground and I was like "oh shit I just killed our guitar player."

Liam -- To me the funniest thing was a year earlier Ben and Chris and gotten in a fight on stage, it was just like this funny karma.. in the same place (venue), last song of the set.

- I don't like that room anymore. It's got a lot of weird vibes in that room.

How has the tour been so far? How are the guys in each band? Any crazy substance fueled nights?

- Uh, substance fueled nights? No and Liam what do you think?

Liam -- Certainly not crazy.

- We're not like snortin blow.

Liam -- Extreme as it gets me and like our sound guy will smoke a joint before we go on.

- That's pretty wild man!!

Liam -- I mean it's a regular thing but it's certainly not crazy.

- The shows have been good. The bands we are on tour with we are pretty stoked on yeah I mean were just trashing chicks and railing hoes and snorting lines every night.

Living that Avenged Sevenfold life huh?

- That's it man, we saw the video and we were like that's who we want to be.

Liam -- Why would people want to live when you can die?

- Exactly man. Just straight cock rock.

What do you guys plan to do after tour?

- We're gonna tour with Avenged Sevenfold! I don't know man, were gonna take off and record a new record. We've been touring for this record for about two years, yeah in January 2006 it will be two years. So uh, we're done December 10th. We already have a couple songs loosely written and were really stoked to get a new record out. Were pretty much going to take as much time as we need which could be anywhere from four or five months to however long. We feel that this time it's going to move a lot faster.

Have you guys ever considered writing pop songs for artists like Ashlee Simpson?

- At one point in time me and Ben when all that pop punk stuff started getting big we were like lets write pop punk songs.. because they are all terrible.. and we'll hire a bunch of kids that are like good looking kids get them to fucking play them and create this big scam and then have a DVD of us just like laughing and collecting checks and you know people will actually think the band is real and good and we'll be like "this shit sucks." But, you know, it never happens we just talk about it. No man, we've never really thought about it, or taken it seriously.

Who would win in a fight? Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull or David Johansen from the New York Dolls.

- I'm gonna go with Jethro Tull man. That guy fucking plays the flute and stands on one leg.

We kind of touched on the next album do you guys any idea when you want to release it an album title by any chance?

- We defiantly do not have a title man. But we are shooting for a late 2006 and like I said we don't get it out by November 2006 it's going to end up being early 2007. It seems like forever away but it's going to be good. We are going to put it out when it's right. We're not one of those bands that just set a date and make an album by that date. We will get it out when it is done.

I just have some random questions.. what is your favorite record label? Like what record label puts out all the bands you are attached to.

- Deathrow.

What record label do you hate the most?

- I don't really have any I hate, I don't have any negative experiences with anyone really.

If you could kick the shit out of any band in any genre who would they be?

- Oh man, that's hard. That's actually really difficult. I don't want to start another feud. We have some little feud going with Avenged Sevenfold.

Did they find out about what you had said before or something?

- I guess they know man... I mean were friends with people that are friends with them. I'm pretty good friends with the guys in Eighteen Visions you know and they are really good friends with Avenged Sevenfold and they were like "man those guys are really bumming on you." I don't care man I'm bumming cause I have to hear them all the time. Liam you don't have any ideas of who would we beat up?

Liam -- Fury Of Five.

- Fury Of Five?

Liam -- Madball.

- Haha, someone really tough?

Liam -- Yeah all the fucking beat down bands.

- Yeah I really have no idea. I'm really at loss. I never really think to myself I really wanna kick the shit out of this band.

Yeah it was just kind of a joke regarding with what you had previously said about Avenged Sevenfold because I don't really care for that band either.

Liam -- We should kick the shit out of Metallica for sucking now.

- Yeah I'll beat James Hatfields ass.

Do you guys have an rituals before shows?

- Uhm.. no man. I was honestly trying to think of something witty. This is pretty much it. Dudes reading books. I was asleep five minutes ago. Play video games and sleep. Were pretty boring dudes.

Screaming is pretty tough to do. Each night how do you train your voice do you practice or anything?

- I mean.. a lot of people don't really take it seriously and they don't know how to do it they just fucking destroy there voices. I mean there is a lot of warm ups you can do. If you are starting to feel a little trouble in your voice you can do all these warm ups it's pretty much the same as regular singing. Things you would never expect people that scream all the time would do. A lot of it is honestly things like getting tons of sleep, drinking water. I don't smoke or drink and that helps a lot. Eating healthy. Generally speaking it is a hard thing to do no matter how much you warm up it still doing a little bit of damage so I mean the more you can do to stay healthy, keeping healthy as possible in all areas.

Have you ever had a vocal coach or anything?

- No man but I know a lot of people that have had lessons before that I could never afford. There is a guy out in California that is like the dude that everyone goes to a lot of bands will go to that guy while they are writing there album and they will pay for it's like three hundred dollars an hour. But they all record there lessons on mini disc and then dump them to MP3 and instant message them to me. So I just get all the lessons they paid for or the label paid for for free.

What is your favorite city to play and which city usually has the craziest crowd?

- Actually Chicago is pretty awesome. Philadelphia is really fucking cool.

What about when you guys play Jersey?

- Honestly man, Philly is kind of our Jersey. I feel like Philly almost feels more like our hometown then Jersey does.

Yeah, they are pretty close to each other anyways.

- Yeah I think a lot of people from the lower half of jersey go to Philly and the upper half go to New York. At this point man we have managed to do a pretty good job of touring enough in a bunch of places so that our responses aren't very different and our crowd sizes aren't very different across the board. You know we've played here, Philadelphia, play in like London play somewhere in Australia it's pretty awesome.

Do you guys have any new bands you'd like to recommend?

- Uh, Liam? New bands you'd like to recommend? You're a little more up on that.

Liam -- The Make Believe, Woven Hand.

How do you guys find out about all of these bands?

Liam -- I don't know.. a lot of it is just me always looking for something and you know message boards friends who are just into it as much as I am.

What is your opinion on moshing? Is there anything that bothers you about it?

- Everything. No I don't mind it at all man. It's no different then us being violent on stage. If that is what you are moved to do by the music then that is cool man but if it is a pre meditated thing where you go to the show and you are like I'm going to beat the shit out of some kid which is really not so much our crowds mentality but a lot of Ozzfesty Slayer crowds I mean last time I saw them play I was literally like "oh my god, I can't believe this is happening down there." Two dudes four times my size beating the life out of each other. But that's what they are into. If they go into that section of the floor knowing what takes place you have to be prepared for it.

In your opinion who is the best guitarist out there now?

- I don't know man there are so many good guitar players like tons of them it's kind of a tough question. The guy in The Mars Volta is good. There is so many good players, I mean the kids that are in this band Between The Buried And Me are fucking good, the guys in our band are good. Jeff Loomis from Nevermore is fucking sick. You know there is a lot of dudes you would never expect, from bands I don't even like. Like we were on tour summer with this band Symphony X on like that Giganatour. This guy named Michael Romeo, it's like power metal he was insanely good.

Liam -- Ron Jarzombek from Watchtower.

- Yeah there is a lot of good players out there. I mean so many more guitar players then drummers.

What is your favorite web pages on the internet?

- Uh, I don't know. I'm not really a big internet person I don't know man. (Google?) Haha, yeah probably Google or Yahoo. Yeah Yahoo that is where I get my e-mails. But, I don't know man, the hun.net. Haha, I don't know I don't go there but I know that is the free porn one.

What's in your CD player right now?

- I don't have a CD player. I have an iPod. Right before we got here we had everyone with there iPod's out just swapping stuff. That's one of the great parts of touring you get to meet all the new people in these bands and most of them have iPod's and you can be like "let me see what you have" and steal it all from em. Which I'm a big supporter of.

Okay well that is pretty much all for my interview do you have anything else you'd like to say?

- Thanks for people submitting questions and thanks for listening. Being patient with us in the future for our new album I'm sure it's going to take longer then I said, thanks for your patience in advance.

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02:07 PM on 12/05/05
Rohan Kohli
True Punk Fan
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Rohan Kohli's Avatar
Sweet interview! I wonder what their new stuff's gonna sound like...
02:09 PM on 12/05/05
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Ramon's Avatar

I love that guy.

Rohan, it's probably going to sound like the best music you've ever heard.
02:09 PM on 12/05/05
Scott Weber
Live Like a Legend
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Scott Weber's Avatar
awesome interview, pat. i love reading all the interviews with Greg, he's so forward about everything.
02:09 PM on 12/05/05
Two pumps and a swirl.
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No Avatar Selected
awesome interview pat.

i always take time to read a DEP interview, all these guys are really smart, insightful musicians.
02:14 PM on 12/05/05
Pat Marquez
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Pat Marquez's Avatar
Originally Posted by Scott Weber
awesome interview, pat. i love reading all the interviews with Greg, he's so forward about everything.
thanks man. i like doing in person interviews. it is a little intimidating at first but I always feel you get more information when you do so.

i have press contacts for pretty much every band I want to talk to.. as soon as ETID comes through I'm going to try to get an interview with Keith.
02:49 PM on 12/05/05
Kiss Of Octopus
i'm a cunt!
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that was a great show.
nice interview man!
03:09 PM on 12/05/05
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I.O's Avatar
yo. my tight pants question. come on now!
04:11 PM on 12/05/05
bounce bitch bounce
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dretti's Avatar
Sweet interview. I also like to see what Greg says too.
04:50 PM on 12/05/05
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odnetnin's Avatar
Awesome. Thanks for the question about what happened to Ben when he was knocked out.
07:29 PM on 12/05/05
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
that was awesome!!

sweeeet he answered my questions and even touched on what i dont like about moshing sometimes is when meatheads deliberately go to beat the shit outta people/smaller dudes

this was rad

i want more interviews with good bands!!!
09:22 PM on 12/05/05
feels good man
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mogwaifearsatan's Avatar
This band is rock and roll.
11:25 PM on 12/05/05
Registered User
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I love this band.
10:42 AM on 12/06/05
Paul Diggity
President of Rad Inc.
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Paul Diggity's Avatar
Awesome interview! This band is freaking incredible, and I do agree, Greg is their best vocalist so far.
07:53 AM on 12/11/05
Registered User
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HiMyNameIsYours's Avatar
This band is awesome. I'm curious to hear their new stuff.

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