Andrew Bird will release his new album, Are You Serious, on April 1st via Loma Vista Recordings. You can hear the first single entitled, "Capsized" in the replies.

Track Listing
1. Capsized
2. Roma Fade
3. Truth Lies Low
4. Puma
5. Chemical Switches
6. Left-Handed Kisses
7. Are You Serious
8. Saints Preservus
9. The New Saint Jude
10. Valleys Of The Young
11. Bellevue
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/05/16 - 11:35 AM
Frank Turner will release his Mittens EP on March 4th via Xtra Mile Recordings. You can now pre-order the release on iTunes and you can watch the new video for the title track in the replies.

Track Listing
1. Mittens
2. Least Of All Young Caroline
3. Little Aphrodite
4. Cleopatra In Brooklyn
5. The Armadillo
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/05/16 - 11:29 AM
Kanye West's seventh solo album, which might be called WAVES, or SWISH or maybe So Help Me God, who knows (Kanye seems unclear himself!), is now available to preorder on his website alongside tickets to hear the album alongside a showing of Yeezy Season 3 streamed from Madison Square Garden.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/04/16 - 08:11 AM
Here we go: Future has announced his new album EVOL will be available for preorder on iTunes at midnight, and has been tweeting about a "new deal" with Apple Music, which likely means its an Apple exclusive release, with it potentially premiering on DJ Khaled's Apple Radio show on Friday. Check out the artwork in the replies. Meanwhile, Young Thug's, who has a new mixtape I'm Up is due out Friday, twitter is filled with barely-veiled shots at Future.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/03/16 - 06:09 PM
Teen Suicide will release It's The Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir The Honeypot (a 26-song double LP) on April 1st via Run For Cover Records. Check out the video for the new song "Alex" in the replies. (via Paper) The band will also be joining the mewithoutYou and Say Anything tour this April.

1. Living Proof
2. The Big Joyous Celebration
3. Alex
4. Violets
5. Obvious Love
6. It’s Just a Pop Song
7. V.I.P.
8. Wild Thing Runs Free
9. Bright Blue Pickup Truck
10. Big Mistake
11. What You Want
13. Neighborhood Drug Dealer
14. Have a Conversation
15. Beauty
16. Pavement
17. America
18. Devotion
19. The Things I Love Are Killing Me
20. Falling Out Of...
Blake Solomon on 02/02/16 - 10:36 AM
One of our Most Anticipated of 2016 artists, Frame and Mantle, will be releasing a remastered version of their debut EP, While Our Fields Lie Fallow, on April 8th via Further Sky Records. Physical and digital pre-orders are available now and the album will include a bonus track, "Isle of View."
Aaron Mook on 02/01/16 - 07:51 AM
Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros will release their latest album, PersonA, this spring. You can find a new song called "No Love Like Yours" in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/29/16 - 11:52 AM
Baauer has announced that his debut album, Aa, will be released on March 18th via LuckyMe. You can stream "Day Ones" in the replies.

Track Listing
01) Church
02) GoGo!
03) Body
04) Pinku
05) Sow
06) Day Ones [ft. Novelist & Leikeli 47]
07) Good & Bad
08) Way From Me [ft. Tirzah]
09) Temple [ft. M.I.A. & G Dragon]
10) Make it Bang [ft. TT the Artist]
11) Kung Fu [ft. Pusha T & Future]
12) Church Reprise [ft. Rustie]
13) A,a
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/29/16 - 11:20 AM
Tim Hecker will release his new album Love Streams April 8th and said that it was inspired in part by “liturgical aesthetics after Yeezus” and the “transcendental voice in the age of auto-tune." Jake is probably going to die when he hears it. (h/t Pitchfork)
Ryan Dennehy on 01/27/16 - 09:11 AM
ROMP will release their debut album, Departure From Venus, on March 4th via Bad Timing Records. Pre-orders will be available Thursday, January 28th at 2 PM EST with a stream of the first single.
Ryan Gardner on 01/26/16 - 06:12 PM
Kanye West has released the tracklisting for Swish and appears to be completely finished with the album.

Track Listing
1. Nina Chop
2. Father Stretch My Hands
3. Waves
4. High Lights
5. 30 Hours
6. No More Parties in L.A.
7. Fade
8. FML
9. Real Friends
10. Wolves
Aaron Mook on 01/24/16 - 11:33 PM
Iggy Pop and Joshua Homme (Queens of The Stone Age) will release their collaborative album, Post Pop Depression, on March 18th via Rekords Rekords/Loma Vista/Caroline International. You can stream the first new song "Gardenia" in the replies.

Track Listing
01. Break Into Your Heart
02. Gardenia
03. American Valhalla
04. In The Lobby
05. Sunday
06. Vulture
07. German Days
08. Chocolate Drops
09. Paraguay
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/22/16 - 09:50 AM
Cotopaxi (Run Forever) will release their debut album, Having All The Fun, in April via Count Your Lucky Stars.

Track Listing
1. Exceptionally Ordinary
2. Middle Of America
3. Hardly Knew You
4. Right All The Time
5. Black Dog
6. You Were, You're Not
7. Fewer Expectations
8. Spend
9. Pride
10. American Dump
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/21/16 - 10:29 PM
PJ Harvey will release her ninth album, The Hope Six Demolition Project, on April 15th via Vagrant Records.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/21/16 - 10:25 PM
Unwritten Law will release a new album entitled, Acoustic, on April 1st via Cyber Tracks. The release will contain two new songs, and acoustic renditions of fan favorites.

Track Listing
1. "Celebration" (Originally "Celebration Song" Here's to the Mourning, 2005)
2. "Nevermind" (Swan, 2011)
3. "Oblivion" (Originally "Welcome to Oblivion" The Hit List, 2007 (also on Live and Lawless, 2008))
4. "Huartbreaker" (Originally performed by John Legend and MSTRKRFT)
5. "Up All Night" (Elva, 2002)
6. "Seeing Red" (Elva, 2002)
7. "Teenage" (Originally "Teenage Suicide" Unwritten Law, 1998)
8. "Starships" (Originally"Starships and Apocalypse" Swan, 2011)
9. "Shoulda" (Originally "I...
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/21/16 - 10:13 PM
Bibio will release his new album, A Mineral Love, on April 1st via Warp Records. You can watch his new video for "Feeling" in the replies.

Track Listing
01. Petals
02. A Mineral Love
03. Raxeira
04. Town & Country
05. Feeling
06. The Way You Talk (Featuring Gotye)
07. With The Thought Of Us
08. Why So Serious? (Featuring Olivier St. Louis)
09. C'est La Vie
10. Wren Tails
11. Gasoline & Mirrors (Featuring Wax Stag)
12. Saint Thomas
13. Light Up The Sky
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/21/16 - 10:03 PM
The Range has announced a new album titled Potential, out March 25th. He's also shared the album's first single, the excellent "Florida," which you can stream in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/21/16 - 08:40 AM
The Last Shadow Puppets (Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane) will release their new album Everything You've Come To Expect on April 1st. The album was recorded with Rick Rubin at Shangri-La alongside Owen Pallett, James Ford and Zach Dawes (Mini Mansions). Hit the replies to check out the video for "Bad Habits".

Track Listing
01) Aviation
02) Miracle Aligner
03) Dracula Teeth
04) Everything You’ve Come To Expect
05) The Element Of Surprise
06) Bad Habits
07) Sweet Dreams, TN
08) Used To Be My Girl
09) She Does The Woods
10) Pattern
11) The Dream Synopsis
Kyle Huntington on 01/21/16 - 04:37 AM
The Falcon will release a new full-length record called Gather Up the Chaps on March 18th through Red Scare Industries. The punk rock super group features members from Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms and the Loved Ones.
Deborah Remus on 01/19/16 - 01:37 PM
Bob Mould has announced that he will release Patch The Sky on March 25th via Merge Records. A new song called "Voices In My Head" can be heard in the replies.

Track Listing
01. Voices In My Head
02. The End of Things
03. Hold On
04. You Say You
05. Losing Sleep
06. Pray For Rain
07. Lucifer And God
08. Daddy’s Favorite
09. Hands Are Tied
10. Black Confetti
11. Losing Time
12. Monument
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/14/16 - 07:51 PM
HÆLOS will release their debut album, Full Circle, on March 18th via Matador Records. You can stream their new single called "Oracle" in the replies.

Track Listing
01. Intro/Spectrum
02. Pray
03. Dust
04. Full Circle
05. Earth Not Above
06. Oracle
07. Alone
08. Separate Lives
09. Sacred
10. Cloud Nine
11. Pale
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/14/16 - 07:43 PM
Polyenso will release their new full length album, Pure In The Plastic, on April 1st and this is no joke.

Track Listing
1. 17 New Years
2. Where To Grow (Where To Be Born)
3. I.W.W.I.T.I.W.
4. Not My Real Life
5. /// (A Pool Worth Diving In)
6. Price
7. Every Single Time
8. Let It Go
9. Osaka Son
10. Moona Festival
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/14/16 - 07:39 PM
Yuck will release their new album, Stranger Things, on February 26th. You can stream a new song "Hearts In Motion" over on Noisey.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/14/16 - 07:31 PM
Apparently we haven't posted about this yet, but Chairlift have a new album Moth out this month, and they've shared four songs from it already and they're all excellent. Check out "Moth to the Flame," "Romeo," "Ch-Ching," and "Crying in Public" and look for Moth on the 22nd.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/14/16 - 07:49 AM
Into It. Over It. will release its new album, Standards, on March 11th via Triple Crown Records. You can check out a new song titled "No EQ" and a lengthy feature piece on the band and album via Noisey. Pre-orders this Friday.
Drew Beringer on 01/13/16 - 11:02 AM
Secret Voice (Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré's imprint) will be releasing Saetia's entire discography via a 2xLP set later this Spring and a live recording at ABC No Rio in 1999 on cassette. You can order the cassette now and listen to a live track from it via Noisey.
Drew Beringer on 01/12/16 - 12:23 PM
Explosions In The Sky will finally release their new album, The Wilderness, on April 1st via Temporary Residence Ltd. The album is up for pre-order on their merch store and you can stream a new song called "Disintegration Anxiety" in the replies.

Track Listing
1. Wilderness
2. The Ecstatics
3. Tangle Formations
4. Logic of a Dream
5. Disintegration Anxiety
6. Losing the Light
7. Infinite Orbit
8. Colors in Space
9. Landing Cliffs
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/11/16 - 08:13 AM
Drew Beringer on 01/08/16 - 07:38 PM
Today is the legendary David Bowie's 69th birthday. Not only that, but it's also release day for his brand new, incredible album, ★.
Kyle Huntington on 01/08/16 - 08:55 AM
RJD2 will release his new album, Dame Fortune, on March 25th via RJ's Electrical Connections. His new song called "Peace of What" can be found in the replies.

Tack Listing
01. A Portal Inward
02. The Roaming Hoard
03. Peace of What (featuring Jordan Brown)
04. The Sheboygan Left
05. A New Theory
06. We Come Alive (featuring Son Little)
07. PF, Day One
08. Saboteur (featuring Phonte Coleman)
09. Your Nostalgic Heart and Lung
10. Up In The Clouds (featuring Blueprint)
11. Band of Matron Saints (featuring Josh Krajcik)
12. Portals Outward
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/07/16 - 12:44 PM
Wintersleep will release their latest album, The Great Detachment, on March 4th via Dine Alone Records. You can stream their first single from the record entitled, "Amerika" over on The Wallstreet Journal.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/07/16 - 12:40 PM
Mimisiku have signed to Count Your Lucky Stars and will release their debut album, The Thrill of Living, on February 19th.

Track Listing
1. I Can't Sleep
2. Kettlers of Satan
3. What Means Obligated
4. Ukume
5. Cut Me Open And Crawl Inside Me, One Of Us Should Live
6. Don't Do It
7. The Hand Strikes and Gives a Flower
8. It Depends On Whether Your Conception Of Time Is Linear Or Circular
9. A Constant State of Despair
10. I Still Can't Sleep
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/07/16 - 12:33 PM
Yeasayer will release their new album, Amen & Goodbye, on April 1st via Mute Records. You can check out the band's new video and song in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/07/16 - 12:15 PM
Dr. Dog will release their new (actually it's a re-recorded version of their first, sorta-unreleased) album, The Psychedelic Swamp, on February 5th via Anti-. You can hear a (completely) new song called "Bring My Baby Back" over on Vulture.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/05/16 - 06:00 PM
When The Gramophone Rings joined The 1975 on their recent North American tour dates and constructed an in-depth feature with the band. Tales of the new album, inspirations, what's next and personal lives are all discussed.
“This is an entire album that speaks of a time when pop music wasn’t afraid to be pop music, it wasn’t over encumbered with self awareness and cynicism, it was free. You had bands like Japan and Scritti Politti and Peter Gabriel pushing the boundaries, and it was an amazingly rewarding time. The feeling of songs by those artists, not necessarily the sonic stylistics, was what we try to capture, which I guess is what makes this album hard to put your finger...
Kyle Huntington on 01/05/16 - 01:05 PM
The Record Play, a solo project from Joseph Lacy (ex-Transit, The Weeds) is set to release his debut EP this year via Sunday Drive Records. The EP will be self-titled and released both digitally and physically. You can watch him perform two new songs, "Falling Up" and "Looking Glass," in the replies. Pre-order and pressing information to follow.
Aaron Mook on 01/05/16 - 09:54 AM
Kanye West's forthcoming seventh LP SWISH (formerly known as So Help Me God), doesn't have a release date and it seems like one isn't coming anytime soon. Pusha T, one of Kanye's closest collaborators who was recently named president of Kanye's label GOOD Music, recently gave an interview where he said even he doesn't know when the album is coming. Yeezy Season may or may not be approaching.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/30/15 - 12:09 PM
Listen to another new song from David Bowie's forthcoming album ★ (Blackstar) titled "Lazarus" in the replies.
Kyle Huntington on 12/17/15 - 01:11 PM
Pusha T has announced the preorder for his new album Darkest Before Dawn, billed as the prelude to his upcoming King Push. Darkest is out Dec. 18th and features Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, Kehlani, The-Dream, and more. He's also released "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" produced by Diddy on Apple Music. Check out the full tracklisting in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/11/15 - 08:02 AM
Garrett Klahn (Texas Is The Reason) will release his new self-titled solo album on January 15th via Rise Records. You can pre-order the new album over on MerchNow and you can stream a new track called "Are We Alright?" in the replies.

Track Listing
01. Are We Alright?
02. Big Deep
03. I Don’t Care At All
04. Motion For Action
05. The River
06. Friday Nights 1969
07. Silver Wings
08. Ravenna
09. Salvation Sirens
10. Autovia Blues
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/10/15 - 08:28 PM
The UK pre-orders are now live on UK iTunes for The 1975's new album I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It and consequently - the full track listing has been unveiled. Check out the 1 hour and 14 minute long list in the replies.
Kyle Huntington on 12/10/15 - 08:27 PM
Martin Shkreli, the drug company exec widely loathed for jacking prices of a life saving drug 5,000% higher, is apparently the anonymous buyer of the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Shkreli mentions the possibility of paying other artists to record albums just for him, and also says "I could be convinced to listen to it earlier if Taylor Swift wants to hear it or something like that, but for now, I think I’m going to kind of save it for a rainy day," and RZA says they donated a significant portion of the purchase to charity. I hate this dude.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/09/15 - 07:01 AM
Update: You can now watch a short clip featuring a new song over on Facebook and the album is available for pre-order.

Anchor and Braille will release their new album, Songs For The Late Night Drive Home, on February 5th.

Track Listing
1. Watch You Burn
2. Detroit Stab
3. Lower East Side
4. Fatal Flaw
5. Nightfall
6. Keep Dancin'
7. Live Fast. Die Young
8. Chances
9. Summer
10. Still Looking
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/08/15 - 08:30 AM
Two Inch Astronaut will release their third full length album, Personal Life, on February 5th, 2016 via Exploding In Sound Records. You can stream the band's new single, "Good Behavior" in the replies.

Track Listing
1. Good Behavior
2. Sexual Prince of the Universe
3. At Risk Student
4. Submission
5. A Happy Song
6. Personal Life
7. Topper Shutt
8. Andy's Progress Report
9. Good Companion
10. Woodstock '99
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/06/15 - 03:10 PM
Dowsing will release their new album next spring via Asian Man Records. You can watch a short documentary about the past two years of the band in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/04/15 - 05:02 PM

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