This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast looks at the great american recipe: Coca-Cola Classic. Other topics include: Should rock music have more "music collectives," can we really believe bands when they say they're on "hiatus" these days, what we would do if we owned a label and a situation like what happened with Neck Deep occurred, 'Born to Run' turning 40, 'Everything in Transit' turning 10, and a preview discussion about The Wonder Years. Bonus topics: bikes, being an adult, and moving. The episode can be streamed and/or downloaded below.

Want to make sure you never miss an episode? You can subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, via your own RSS feed reader, on SoundCloud,...
Jason Tate on 08/27/15 - 03:34 PM
Yep, something is being weird with the website at the moment and making it elongated. Looking into it.

Update: Everything looks fixed now. Sorry about that.
Jason Tate on 08/21/15 - 12:33 PM
Wave. We're back from our one week break and are immediately talking about Star Wars. It's exactly what you would expect from a podcast named AbsolutePunk, right? This week we look at how the whole Pure Noise Records/JJR situation impacted being able to listen to Four Year Strong's latest album, why A Wilhelm Scream isn't as crazy big and popular as they should be, the reasoning behind labels streaming albums a week or so early, our favorite b-sides, the upcoming Motion City Soundtrack album and our fears surrounding it, if there's a song of the summer, Frank Turner's new one, the new Better Off songs, and some good old fashioned nostalgia. We missed podcasting and hope you enjoy this...
Jason Tate on 08/20/15 - 03:07 PM
Well, it's Friday. I hope everyone enjoyed Absolute 100 week. At this point we've given you 100 new and diverse bands spanning all kinds of genres to check out. I really hope you've been able to find a whole bunch of new artists to add to your collection. In case you missed this week's feature, you can find each day here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. There is also links to playlists below with artists from the feature. We'd love to hear from you about what bands you have checked out so far, what you think, and if there's any hidden gems out there you think we should give a listen to for next year's feature. Now, let's give all of the staff a round of applause -- finding 100 quality...
Jason Tate on 08/13/15 - 11:38 AM
It's the final day of bands for Absolute 100 week. The staff got together and found 100 bands we think you need to check out. Check the replies for today's list. Each band selected on the list comes with links to their social pages, links to where you can find music, a song selected for stream by the author, and a blurb about why they were picked and what they sound like.

In case you missed it: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Jason Tate on 08/13/15 - 10:43 AM
We've made it to the middle of the week ... it's day three of Absolute 100 week. As a recap: This is where the staff get together and scour the internet for 100 bands we think you need to check out. All week long we will be unveiling the artists in buckets of 25. Check the replies for today's list. Each band selected on the list comes with links to their social pages, links to where you can find music, a song selected for stream by the author, and a blurb about why they were picked and what they sound like. If you're looking for new music: time to bookmark.

In case you missed it: Part 1 | Part 2
Jason Tate on 08/12/15 - 06:35 AM
It's day two of Absolute 100 week. As a recap: This is where the staff get together and scour the internet for 100 bands we think you need to check out. All week long we will be unveiling the artists in buckets of 25. Check the replies for today's list. Each band selected on the list comes with links to their social pages, links to where you can find music, a song selected for stream by the author, and a blurb about why they were picked and what they sound like. If you're looking for new music: time to bookmark.

In case you missed it: Part 1.
Jason Tate on 08/11/15 - 10:44 AM
Today marks the start of Absolute 100 week here on the website. This is where the staff get together and scour the internet for 100 bands we think you need to check out. Over the next few days we will be unveiling all of the artists in buckets of 25. Check the replies for today's list. Each band selected on the list comes with links to their social pages, links to where you can find music, a song selected for stream by the author, and a blurb about why they were picked and what they sound like. If you're looking for new music: time to bookmark.
Jason Tate on 08/10/15 - 12:00 PM
When we finished recording this week's podcast episode I tweeted that it was my favorite we've done in a while. Listening back today while editing I still feel that way. We touch on a lot of bigger overarching themes this week. If you've never given one of our podcasts a try, this would be a good one to start with. With the news about Property Of Zack shutting down we discuss the life of writing online. We talk about what we would want our "legacy" to be, what advice we would have for someone wanting to start their own music blog in 2015, and why sometimes it becomes time to walk away from the things that have defined you. We also answer some reader questions about favorite movies so far...
Jason Tate on 08/06/15 - 03:06 PM
The AP.net music forum has created another cover album. This time: Thrice.

Track Listing
1. UglyMug - Wood & Wire 04:00
2. The Archer 07 - Moving Mountains 02:57
3. Paulb-182 (Wood And Nails) - Anthology 03:34
4. bradsonemanband (Cootie Catcher) - The Artist in the Ambulance 05:26
5. theherox - Disarmed 04:44
6. recall reality - Digging My Own Grave 03:30
7. PIG DESTROYER - A Song for Milly Michaelson 07:39

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Jason Tate on 08/03/15 - 11:11 AM
Did you know Thomas can dunk? This is the episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast where I try and convince him to rename his basketball team "Defend Pop-Dunk." This week we also talk about if listeners will accept the "new" Blink-182, what the "hiatus" means for The Gaslight Anthem, do we think it's ok for record labels to exist only to re-press albums, something about Brand New, the Vinylify service, and Bill Simmons' move to HBO and its impact on the internet/media world. The episode can be streamed and/or downloaded below.

Want to make sure you never miss an episode? You can subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, via your own RSS feed reader, on SoundCloud, via Overcast, or on Stitcher....
Jason Tate on 07/30/15 - 02:05 PM
We got a lot of feedback on last week's AbsolutePunk Podcast episode and this week we tackle it all. We answer questions about if Warped Tour should take a year off to get their shit together, if in hindsight we think Apple's acquisition of Beats was worth it, thoughts on PVRIS, thoughts on DRM, the impossibility of answering a "three favorite albums of all time" question, and the economics of asking fans to buy stuff before getting to meet a band. We end the episode looking at the five apps we first install on a new computer and talk about The Maine's free tour and how we think that'll all work out. The episode can be streamed and/or downloaded below.

Want to make sure you never...
Jason Tate on 07/23/15 - 02:32 PM
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast is here. This episode starts out with a talk about ... what did you expect? ... beer. We answer a reader question about if Fueled by Ramen would be a good fit for The Wonder Years, we talk about buying glasses and seeing Acceptance and The Money Pit over the weekend. We discuss the AP.net member's list of the best 50 albums of the last 15 years and if we could even begin to formulate such a list. We finish up talking about Bring Me the Horizon signing to a major label, the benefits of being on a major label in 2015, if we think this is a good idea, if we think this will be the start of a bunch of metalcore bands going to the "big leagues"...
Jason Tate on 07/16/15 - 02:18 PM
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast avoids any power outages, but still comes filled with great topics. This week touches on some Apple Music follow-up: what's it like with the app a week in? Are we still using it? What are the hang ups? Why does the iOS app not respect album artwork selections? What are our favorite smart playlists? Then we talk a little about what albums we're anticipating most for the rest of the year building on the discussion last week of our favorite albums of 2015 so far (and the full staff lists that were posted this week). Then there's some discussion about bands that Thomas sort of missed out on and bands Jason missed out on and we discuss -- live...
Jason Tate on 07/09/15 - 01:07 PM
Happy Friday everyone! I had planned to spend the day catching up on podcasts and relaxing for the long Fourth of July weekend. So, first things first: I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. Definitely take advantage of that Apple Music trial to try out some new music while watching fireworks (I wrote up a few things Iíve been listening to lately on my blog). Usually this is the part of the week where Iíd link to something funny, random, or interesting that I found over the past week. However, after seeing my Twitter at-replies this morning Iím just not in the mood for that right now. Instead, since I need more than 140 characters and Iím getting a bunch of questions about my...
Jason Tate on 07/03/15 - 12:31 PM
What happens when the power goes out in the middle of recording a podcast? Welp, you lose the first few minutes of your talk about The Wonder Years apparently. We were able to salvage the conversation using my back-up recording; however, Thomas's vocals are a little different for the first five to ten minutes of this one -- sorry about that -- we get that fixed relatively quickly and then we're on to a jam-packed episode. We start with talking about The Wonder Year's new song, video, album, and everything associated with that. Then we move into a talk all about the newly released Apple Music. What are our thoughts? Are we going to stick with it? What do we like, dislike, hate, and love?...
Jason Tate on 07/02/15 - 01:53 PM
Today we're happy to welcome Anna Acosta to our staff. Anna's written up a little welcome blurb below. Please join me in welcoming her to our team
Message from AnnaAP.net has been my primary news source - albeit, mostly through Tumblr - for as long as Iíve been music blogging, and Iím thrilled to be joining the team. Iím a former publicist turned writer (need website copy? Iím your girl), musician and music journalist whose bread & butter is pop-punk. Faves include Coheed & Cambria, Automatic Loveletter/Juliet Simms, The Wonder Years, Pvris and Dr. Funkeís 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution.
Jason Tate on 06/29/15 - 12:37 PM
Today we'd like to welcome the newest addition to our team: Staci Altomari! Staci will be joining us mostly as a new photographer and live-concert reviewer. She's written up a little welcome post that I've included below. Please join me in welcoming Staci to staff.
Message from StaciI've been lurking on the site for most of its history, trying to keep up with the latest Brand New news (Shone crew, I see you). I'm super excited to join the AbsolutePunk.net team as a photographer and contributor of concert reviews. I live in Philly so most of my coverage will be from that area. Rock music owns my heart, with a special place carved out for anything early 2000s "emo." I'm currently getting...
Jason Tate on 06/26/15 - 03:41 PM
I'm kind of a nerd and enjoy economics, so, when the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) reached out and asked my thoughts on doing some research to study musicians as workers, I was very much intrigued. In addition to evaluating economic data, we are helping by conducting an anonymous survey of bands and artists. The 10-15 minute survey includes questions on your activities, the makeup of your band, and your earnings. The purposes of the project are to understand trends in the music "labor market" and to use the AbsolutePunk community as a case study. This is also a chance to anonymously inform fans of the scene about the difficulties, stresses, and benefits of playing music for...
Jason Tate on 06/26/15 - 11:22 AM
Today we are proud to bring you the 88th episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast. This week's a good one and we look at quite a few topics. We start by talking about Warped Tour, our favorite memories, our favorite years, and the correlation between beer and our willingness to attend in the future. We then answer some listener questions like: What does the first hour of our day look like? What three books would you recommend most to someone to change their life? What is a band Thomas loves that Jason hates and vice versa? What bands do we think are underrated in the scene? We finish out the episode with a good talk about "Taylor Swift v. Apple Music: Cage Match" and talk a little about why...
Jason Tate on 06/25/15 - 01:45 PM
Our very own Anthony Sorendino wrote an interesting blog playing futurist for what something like Apple Music could become. I've had a long fascination with looking at how music could intertwine with technology and the ideas presented here are really interesting. Now we just need Siri to become self-aware and cast judging snarky comments at me because I'm actually enjoying this new Hilary Duff album.
You get a notification one day that your favorite band is doing a live stream concert next week. Apple Music adds the event to your calendar and sends you a reminder by playing a few seconds of your most played track from that band. The live stream is free for the first few songs, but if...
Jason Tate on 06/24/15 - 04:04 PM
Members of the official The Early November thread here on AP.net have released their tribute to the band today.

1. Thisisgoodbye - Digital Age
2. bradsonemanband - I Want To Hear You Sad
3. mka12992 - Outside
4. icmame11 - No Good At Saying Sorry
5. T.E.N Fan - Every Night's Another Story
6. Patterns In Traffic - Figure It Out
7. Joey-Wan Kenobi - Hair
8. teebs41 - Wearing A Tie
9. PIG DESTROYER - A Stain On The Carpet
10. aoftbsten - Ever So Sweet

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Jason Tate on 06/22/15 - 11:21 AM
Want to help compile an AP.net user list of the top 20 albums from 2000-2015? Check out this thread. We sure do love ranking things.
Jason Tate on 06/19/15 - 01:00 PM
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast begins with some sports talk before pivoting into our favorite Star Wars scenes, I guess we learned we're the kind of nerds that like sports and science fiction. Weird. The main topics looked at this week are the new albums from Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep, which really serves as the jumping off point for a discussion around the "hierarchy" of pop-punk and why it always becomes a topic for us. After going deep on pop-punk we discuss a user submitted question about how we decide what music to keep on our iPhones and how we decide what gets deleted or not. We end talking about Thomas's night-out on the town where he got to hear the new Frank...
Jason Tate on 06/18/15 - 02:20 PM
Today we are happy to welcome Shana Davidson to staff! Shana will be joining us as a contributing interviewer and article writer and has written up a little welcome note below. Please join me in welcoming Shana to our community.
Note from ShanaI honestly can't even remember when I first started visiting AP.net, all I know is this where I always went for my music news and to lurk to see what everyone's opinions were. Safe to say because of that I am absolutely ecstatic that I'm able to be a contributing interviewer/writer for Absolute Punk. I currently am the finance coordinator at WXPN radio station in Philadelphia, I love my job but it doesn't really fill my creative need. Some of my...
Jason Tate on 06/12/15 - 10:26 AM
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast covers three main topics: Apple Music, Thomas's new bi-weekly series on starting a record label, and us hiring some new staff on the website. We spend the good majority talking about what we think of Apple Music, where we think it'll be successful, where we think it'll fail, what we think of the presentation, what we hope for the future, and the re-birth of Ping. The other good chunk is about Bad Timing Records and what it's like to start a record label and how being a record label in 2015 compares to past generations. All-in-all this was a really fun episode to record and we think it turned out pretty great. The episode can be streamed...
Jason Tate on 06/11/15 - 02:14 PM
It's with great pleasure that we welcome Charlie Joseph to staff today. Charlie is joining us as a contributing interviewer/article/editorial writer and if the conversations we've been having in the staff chat are any indication -- we are all in for a treat! She's written up a little welcome message below, so please join me in welcoming her to staff!
Message from CharlieHi, my nameís Charlie. Iím currently doing a degree in graphic and media design at University of the Arts London (as in the UK!). Iíve been lurking about since I found out about the site five years ago and itís gonna be really great to finally post on here and contribute to the discussions and the website through writing...
Jason Tate on 06/11/15 - 11:14 AM
Today I'd like to officially welcome AJ LaGambina to our staff! Aj will be joining us as a contributing reviewer and helping out on other things around the site. Please give a hearty welcome to Aj in the replies and read a message from him below. We've got a few more to come!
Message from AjHello, Friends! Iím Aj, and Iíve been using AP.net since Iíve been able to access the Internet, though I only made my account a couple of years ago. Iíll mainly be focusing on reviews, and as opportunities arise Iím sure Iíll be conducting a few interviews and working on other aspects of the site. In the real world, Iím a Sound Recording major at the University of New Haven, and I also started a...
Jason Tate on 06/10/15 - 09:53 PM
Today I'd like to welcome Becky Kovach to our staff team. Becky has a little intro post below and I hope everyone will join me in giving her a warm welcome.
Message from BeckyHey guys! My name is Becky Kovach. Some of you might recognize me from my previous work on Property Of Zack, where I spent two years as a reviewer. After a brief 6-month hiatus, I am stoked to be back and joining the Absolute Punk team! Itís an absolute (see what I did there?) honor to be jumping on board with a site that has long been one of my go-to sources for music-based reading. Iíve been writing reviews since I was 14 and much of my path since has been inspired by what Iíve discovered through Absolute Punk.
Jason Tate on 06/10/15 - 12:23 PM
Today we'd like to welcome new staff member Chrisanne Grise to our team! Chrisanne will be a new contributing interviewer on the website and she's written up a little intro below. I hope everyone will join me in welcoming our newest staff member.
Message From ChrisanneIíve been lurking on this site for so long, I canít even remember when I first started visiting it. But itís safe to say that AP has been my main source of music news for many years, so Iím thrilled to be a new contributor. Right now, Iím a journalist and magazine editor in NYC, and while I love my job, I donít get to cover music often, so Iím excited to dive in with some interviews and whatever else comes up. Some of my...
Jason Tate on 06/09/15 - 11:28 AM
Today we've got another new staff member to introduce you to: Aaron Mook. Aaron will be joining us as a new contributing staff reviewer, article writer, and interviewer. Aaron's written up a little introduction that I've included below -- so please join me in welcoming Aaron to the AP.net family.
Message from AaronHello, my name is Aaron and I am going to be a journalism-communication student at Gannon University, located in good ol' Erie, PA. I discovered AbsolutePunk sometime around my senior year of high school and ever since, it has played a crucial role in sharpening both my musical tastes and skills as a writer. In fact, I probably wouldn't be studying journalism right now if this...
Jason Tate on 06/08/15 - 01:48 PM
Day two of our welcoming new staff members commences! Today it's with great pleasure that I welcome Matt Metzler to staff as a new contributing reviewer. You may recognize Matt as the author behind the AnberinForever project and as having a long 10 year plus commenting career. Matt's written up a little introduction below and I hope everyone will join me in welcoming him to our staff!
Message from MattI've been visiting AP since 2005 (10 years ago, that's pretty crazy) and I think I found out about the website from when AP.net did the "I Will Fight" wristbands for Andrew McMahon. I see myself contributing reviews as well as hopefully some longer features on bands, maybe some band...
Jason Tate on 06/06/15 - 09:42 AM
Over the next few weeks we're going to be announcing some new contributing staff members to the website. Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you the first of the new class. I'd love for everyone to join me in welcoming Craig Ismaili as one of our new contributing staff reviewers. Craig #2 has written up a little welcome message that I've included below and he'll probably have reviews up on the site in no time for people to complain about the score. Welcome Craig! (Also, he's on Twitter.)
A Message from CraigMy nameís Craig Ismaili. A lot of the users on this site may know me as njdevils327, or as the winner of one of those AP.net Fantasy Band Drafts with one of the most generic...
Jason Tate on 06/05/15 - 02:47 PM
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast touches on some follow-up from last week, discusses thoughts and predictions on if Apple will release a new streaming service next week at WWDC and what we'd like it to be, and then we look at building hype online in 2015 and The 1975's ability to do just that. We spend some time compare and contrasting with Nate Ruess's album build up and wonder how his new solo album is going to do. We finish up talking about Riot Fest, The Academy Is... reuniting, and good albums with bad album covers. The episode can be streamed and/or downloaded below.

Want to make sure you never miss an episode? You can subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, via...
Jason Tate on 06/04/15 - 04:55 PM
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast covers such topics as: the Paramore and Copeland tour wrapping up, the Mad Men finale, how music die-hards should tackle getting getting into huge "classic" catalogs, and do pieces from reviewers about the classics help kickstart that process? Then we talk about how I found a whole bunch of my old reviews in the archive and debate what I should do with them. Is it ok to make edits? Is it ok to keep them on my hard-drive and let them just fade away? What about a director's commentary version? How does reflecting on and reading your past writing influence your current and future writing? Can we just pretend that my Your Favorite Weapon...
Jason Tate on 05/28/15 - 01:45 PM
And the podcast returns. This week's episode has us looking at Thomas's change in career and the stages of life and jobs and everything related to growing up and older. We talk about what my long term plans for running AbsolutePunk may look like, or turn into, and where we see ourselves in a few years. We spend some time looking back at everything that's gone on over the past two weeks with Pure Noise Records, Set if Off, Warped Tour, the YouTubers, and that whole ... thing. Then, thanks to listener Lauren, we're able to take a lighthearted break to fantasize about where we'd want to live if we weren't living in the United States. Beer and beach please. We finish up this week's episode...
Jason Tate on 05/21/15 - 02:09 PM
This past week has been oddly stressful for the podcast hosts so we decided to not record an episode this week and take a few extra days to ourselves, to relax ... ok, you got me ... to drink. We'll be back next week, so if you have any questions you'd like for us to answer or topics to cover, please let us know in the replies. If you haven't checked out our podcast yet, now's a good week to get caught up! You can subscribe on iTunes or in our favorite podcast player Overcast. We're also thinking about putting together a Patreon page for the podcast so if you have any feedback or suggestions about what you'd like to see on that, please let us know as well. Hope everyone has a great rest...
Jason Tate on 05/14/15 - 12:35 PM
Did you know Thomas made homemade salad dressing? Me either. He's got the chef skills in this podcasting partnership. This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast features us answering some user feedback like "are you ethically allowed to download music you bought on vinyl?" before talking a little about Fall Out Boy's From Under the Cork Tree turning 10, some of the issues facing the whole Pure Noise Records stuff and why I feel obligated to use our platform for things that I find important (note: this episode was recorded on Monday), and then the obviousness of Matt Skiba saying he would would join Blink-182 if asked. The episode can be streamed and/or downloaded below.

Want to...
Jason Tate on 05/07/15 - 04:37 PM
Another day, more radio silence regarding this. Some bands have spoken out, some remain silent, others about to embark on huge tours have deleted their tweets, and the band in question has said nothing. I checked their website today because I was curious when their next tour started. Not only because I was curious to see who their upcoming tourmates were and what they had said about this entire thing (looks like nothing), but I wanted to know the dates and get a feel for the timeline of everything coming up. To my surprise I see the AP.net logo sitting on their tour imagery. This is about the time my blood starts to boil. I turned down this sponsorship "opportunity" (so many air quotes)...
Jason Tate on 05/05/15 - 01:53 PM
"Oh, that's not obvious enough Rob. How about the Beatles? Or fucking ... fucking Beethoven? Side one, track one of the 'Fifth Symphony!' How can someone with no interest in music own a record store?"

This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast tackles one of my favorite scenes from the record-store-nerd classic High Fidelity: the best track ones. Thomas and I both pick our three favorites and discuss why they stand out above all the rest. We also discuss the importance of the first track on an album and if that importance is lessened in a world where most people are consuming music a la carte. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, as well as your favorite album openers,...
Jason Tate on 04/30/15 - 02:31 PM
This was one of those episodes where when we finished recording we both knew we had a lot of fun recording it. I think that comes across in our spirited discussion. On this week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast we talk a little about the Star Wars trailer, the acceptance of nerd culture in the mainstream, Brand New playing "Sealed to Me" live and if listening to live videos ruins the experience and creates unfair expectations about new music. We also touch on The Ataris as the lost band from a specific wave of pop-punk -- which leads into a talk about the things that could have been in the scene. We talk about The Wonder Years' new album being finished and what our expectations and...
Jason Tate on 04/23/15 - 03:01 PM
I recently talked with the fine folks over at Bridge the Atlantic for a few minutes about AP.net, the music industry, blogging online, and some other things. The video is a little choppy and out of sync but you can check it out over here.
Our guest this week is Jason Tate Ė writer, music enthusiast, podcaster and founder of Absolute Punk. Amidst some technical issues, we spoke with Jason about his Absolute Punk journey, the advice heíd offer to bands who want their music heard by bloggers, and what happens when the internet meets real lifeÖ
Jason Tate on 04/21/15 - 01:31 PM
We recorded this week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast mere hours before Brand New debuted a new song live ... we made a few predictions that come true and others that fail almost in real time. We talk a lot about Brand New's marketing roll out for "Mene," talk a lot about the song itself, and speculate on the band's future and what they may do next. Then we move into talking about All Time Low selling the most albums in a week but not having the "number one album" of the week and why that bothered Thomas enough to write an article about it. Can it be fixed? Should it be fixed? There's some Apple Watch tossed in here and some talk about Four Year Strong's new song as well. Good...
Jason Tate on 04/16/15 - 03:29 PM
iTunes recently put together a list of their favorite music podcasts and the AbsolutePunk Podcast was included in this list. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that reached out to them on Twitter and said you liked us, or left us a review, or has shared our podcast with a friend, or has listened to one of the past 78 episodes. We really appreciate it and are humbled by the support. I know, personally, that the launch of this podcast has been one of my favorite things we've done on the website in years. It's reignited a spark inside me to talk about music and our little scene here and the learning process from episode one to now has been a crazy fun journey. Thank you, especially,...
Jason Tate on 04/15/15 - 12:39 PM
The AbsolutePunk Podcast is a sucker for anything acoustic. And Morrissey. And we appreciate Brand New. This week we talk about Brand New releasing lyric books to fans and the significance of the band's recent actions and the stranglehold they have on the majority of this website. Then we look at Four Year Strong's future and compare and contrast their career with a variety of other bands. Are they regressing by going back to their "earlier" sound? Do we judge these new songs differently than other bands that tried something new and went back to the more accepted sound? And how does this all compare with All Time Low's new album and their career arc after Dirty Work? They're aiming for a...
Jason Tate on 04/09/15 - 02:24 PM

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