Copeland, Eisley, and We Are The City are offering a free tour sampler.

Submitted by Smash Adams
Jason Tate on 11/04/15 - 11:12 AM
If Copeland going on tour with Eisley wasn't enough for you to attend the show, fear not - there's more. Copeland will be bringing out a string section for the fall tour as well. Be sure to bring your tissues, I don't think they sell them at the merch table.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/07/15 - 02:34 PM
Copeland have announced that they'll be hitting the road this fall with Eisley and We Are The City. There's even VIP packages which you can attend a private acoustic show at your date (limited to 20) as well as a package that includes the Ixora twin release on vinyl. Dates can be found in the replies and on the band's site.
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/08/15 - 07:54 AM
Eisley have posted an update about touring and writing for their 5th record. Check out the message from Sherri in the replies.

Submitted by TheZeroKid
Blake Solomon on 08/14/15 - 08:41 AM
Hit the replies for Eisley's cover of "Leaving on a Jet Plane."
Jason Tate on 06/05/15 - 11:33 AM
Congratulations to Max Bemis and Sherri Dupree Bemis, who welcomed their second daughter, Coraline Mae Bemis, today.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/25/15 - 08:08 PM
Happy birthday to Sherri Dupree Bemis!
Jason Tate on 12/03/14 - 12:13 PM
Max and Sherri Bemis are expecting their second child. Congratulations to the happy couple.
Jason Tate on 08/07/14 - 04:05 PM
Sucré, the solo project of singer Stacy King of Eisley, have announced their first tour - dates are below. They're currently working on an EP to be released before the tour.
Ryan Gardner on 07/26/14 - 05:41 AM
Eisley are headlining a spring tour with support from Merriment. You can download a free tour sampler on bandcamp, and you'll find the dates in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/10/14 - 06:33 PM
Merriment is premiering their new song "Backwards" on American Songwriter. The duo, featuring Christie and Collin DuPree, will digitally release two new singles including "Backwards" and "Nothing To Lose" on November 26. Merriment will be on tour this winter with Max Bemis, Matt Pryor, Perma, Sherri DuPree-Bemis and Allison Weiss.
Christian Wagner on 11/18/13 - 07:57 PM
Max Bemis and Sherri DuPree-Bemis recently gave a little house tour to A Beautiful Mess. The blog also premiered a new Perma song titled "Let's Start A Band" (along with two previously released songs). The record will hit stores on October 29th.
Drew Beringer on 10/01/13 - 12:56 PM
You can watch Eisley's new video for "Currents" in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 09/25/13 - 11:40 AM
Max Bemis (Say Anything) will hit the road this winter on an acoustic headline tour that will feature sets from Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids, Perma, Sherri DuPree-Bemis of Eisley, and Merriment. You can also check out a new Perma song titled "Little Light" at Diffuser. The band's debut album is also available to pre-order. You can find the dates and more details in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 09/12/13 - 01:13 PM
Perma (Max Bemis of Say Anything and Sherri DuPree-Bemis of Eisley) will be releasing its debut album, Two Of A Crime, on October 29th via Equal Vision. You can also stream the title track from the album in the replies.

Track Listing:
1) Two of a Crime
2) Little Light
3) Wishbone
4) Let’s Start a Band
5) Remedy
6) You’re Welcome
7) She Chose You
8) The Bat and the Cave
9) No, Dear
10) Torch Song
11) Tangled Up
Drew Beringer on 09/04/13 - 12:18 PM
You can check out Eisley performing an acoustic session over at Alter The Press.
Drew Beringer on 08/01/13 - 09:28 AM
PureVolume recently interviewed Sherri DuPree-Bemis of Eisley about the band's new album, motherhood, and building a home studio.
Motherhood hasn’t made a difference, and I have definitely not even thought twice about it. Like, ‘Should I try and look look more grown up?’ No. I never wanted parenthood to change who I was, because then it gets weird, and that’s risky—when you start to change who you are, once you have a kid. That shouldn’t be how it is. So the only difference is, now we have this amazing little baby everywhere we go, and it just makes everything more fun.
Drew Beringer on 07/15/13 - 11:58 AM
Read my review of the Boston, MA stop of Say Anything's "Rarities and More Tour" with Eisley, HRVRD and I the Mighty here. It features footage of Max Bemis playing "A Boston Peace" live for the first time ever.
The intimate setting also afforded mastermind Max Bemis with the opportunity to get closer to the crowd. He said that, since they had the next day off, the band could go extra wild that night. And wild they went, for 75 intense minutes. Bemis deserves recognition for embracing the old material. He easily could have cashed his check for the rarities compilation without ever playing the songs; instead, fans are being treated to an entire tour dedicated to them. Bemis...
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/26/13 - 04:04 PM
"Somewhere there's an in-between place, a place where my face hasn't been erased..."
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Jake Denning on 06/26/13 - 01:00 AM
Read our show review of the Dallas stop of the Say Anything "Rarities" Tour with Eisley, HRVRD, and Northern Faces here.
Whether you’re a fan of rare, old Say Anything cuts or just dig tracks from the self-titled and Anarchy records, this is the show for you. Having a little bit of everything – and more surprises – this has to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Northern Faces bring the gritty bluesy rock, HRVRD the theatrics, Eisley the intricate atmosphere, and Say Anything top it all off with their raw, punk-inspired nature. Clearly, Equal Vision Records continues to have one of the best lineups of any label today.
Ryan Gardner on 06/10/13 - 07:44 AM
This is my hat now! This is totally my hat!
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Drew Beringer on 06/10/13 - 07:01 AM
Rory Records, an Equal Vision imprint founded by Say Anything's Max Bemis, has signed Rising Fawn. The indie outfit hails from Tyler, TX and features Eisley's lead guitarist Chauntelle DuPree and her husband Todd D'Agostino. The duo will digitally release their debut EP Everlasting Songs on June 18.
Christian Wagner on 06/07/13 - 09:39 AM
"Amazing still it seems, I'll be 23."
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Eisley - Currents (Drew Beringer)
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Craig Manning on 05/28/13 - 05:45 AM
Eisley's new album, Currents, is streaming on Pandora.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/24/13 - 06:33 AM
In case you missed it, Eisley released a statement about not reaching its Kickstarter goal.
Drew Beringer on 05/23/13 - 01:47 PM
Looks like Eisley's Kickstarter did not meet its funding goal.
Jason Tate on 05/20/13 - 12:01 PM
Head to the replies to stream Eisley's "Lost and Found" off their split with Say Anything.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/17/13 - 07:22 AM
Head over to the AP.net Facebook page to enter to win a prize pack from Say Anything and their "Rarities and More Tour" tourmates Eisley, HRVRD, Northern Faces and I the Mighty. You could win the latest CD from each artist, as well as the new Say Anything/Eisley split.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/16/13 - 01:32 PM
The Say Anything and Eisley split 7" will be available tomorrow, May 10, via Equal Vision's merchNOW site. It'll also be available on the band’s upcoming full US tour together, as well as in stores this summer. More details in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 05/09/13 - 02:26 PM
Eisley have added a couple of new rewards to its Kickstarter campaign. You can also stream clips from the band's upcoming album, Currents, at Amazon.
Drew Beringer on 05/06/13 - 05:59 AM
Listen to a new Eisley song titled "Currents" in the replies. The single is now available on iTunes and Amazon.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/23/13 - 09:14 AM
Eisley have started a kickstarter to help fund their upcoming tour.
We have ambitious plans for touring in 2013 and beyond. We expect this upcoming album to be our most successful record yet, and we want to be able to play in front of every single person that will to listen to us. This includes all of our fans in the U.S., as well satisfying relentless requests for us to play for our fans overseas. Specifically, we will be supporting Say Anything on their Rarities Tour this Summer (See dates). But, this is going to be more difficult than ever, since we not only have to support ourselves on these tours, but we have four beautiful new mouths to feed, safely transport, and care for. This...
Jason Tate on 04/19/13 - 11:45 AM
You can stream a new Eisley song titled "Drink the Water" over at Nylon Mag or in the replies. It's off the band's upcoming album, Currents, which is available May 28th.
Drew Beringer on 04/16/13 - 12:16 PM
Eisley's "Currents," the title track and lead single from the band's new album, will be released on April 23rd. Listen to a sample here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/13/13 - 09:29 AM
Say Anything will embark on the "Rarities and More Tour" with support from Eisley, HRVRD, Northern Faces and I the Mighty. Dates can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/03/13 - 10:59 AM
Eisley will release their new album, Currents on May 28th, 2013 via Equal Vision Records.

Track Listing
01) Currents
02) Blue Fish
03) Drink The Water
04) Save My Soul
05) Millstone
06) Real World
07) Wicked Child (feat. Merriment)
08) Find Me Here
09) Wonder English
10) Lost Enemies
11) The Night Comes
12) Shelter
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/25/13 - 02:18 PM
Congratulations to Max and Sherri Bemis on the birth of Lucy Jean.
Jason Tate on 02/11/13 - 02:41 PM
Congratulations to Chauntelle DuPree and her husband on the birth of their new baby.

Submitted by wordsAREcancer
Jason Tate on 01/16/13 - 05:02 PM
Eisley has posted an end of the year update, which you can read in the replies. Personally speaking, I cannot wait for the band's new LP in 2013.
Drew Beringer on 12/31/12 - 11:18 PM
Eisley released four new Christmas tunes, which you can check out here. The band's upcoming fourth LP is finished and is currently being mixed.

Submitted by methface
Drew Beringer on 12/10/12 - 12:25 PM
We at AbsolutePunk.net are wishing Sherri DuPree-Bemis (Eisley) a very happy birthday. The expectant mother is 29. You can wish her a great day over at her Twitter.
Drew Beringer on 12/03/12 - 05:22 PM
Head to the replies to listen to Eisley performing a new song "Wicked Child."
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/16/12 - 07:31 PM
Perma (Max Bemis and Sherri DuPree) will be releasing a free song today.

Update: It's here.
Jason Tate on 09/12/12 - 08:55 AM
You can check out a video of Max and Sherri Bemis finding out that their baby was going to be a girl, in the replies. Kind of adorable.

Submitted by wordsAREcancer
Jason Tate on 09/05/12 - 10:16 AM
Sherri Dupree-Demis of Eisley has posted a blog titled "A cry to fans for peace regarding Paramore vs Eisley." Read it below.
BlogI can’t believe I’m about to address this, but….Wow…I think I have to..Because you would never believe how weary I am of the Paramore vs Eisley stuff still going on all these years later. I still can’t get on Tumblr without something popping up regarding our two bands in some sort ‘them vs us’ sort of way.

I don’t want to be the girl from Paramore, she does not want to be me, I am not “trying to dress like her”, she is not ‘trying to dress’ like me, I am not trying to “have her hair” (btw, have you seen her hair? I am pretty sure it’s orange and I’ve never...
Thomas Nassiff on 08/24/12 - 03:36 PM
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