Shazam sat down with Panic! At The Disco and talk with Brendon about taking the reins of the band.

Submitted by jordanrenshaw
Jason Tate on 01/25/16 - 12:10 PM
Hit the replies for Brendon of Panic! at the Disco talking about the freedom of being the only one in the band now.
Being the only member left in Panic!, it's carte blanche. I can do whatever I've dreamed of. There's not three other opinions you've got to worry about.
Jason Tate on 12/02/15 - 03:35 PM
Panic have reunited and will be performing at this year's This Is Hardcore Fest. No other shows have been scheduled as of yet.
Dre Okorley on 04/01/13 - 08:46 AM
This Is Hardcore Fest will take place from August 8-11 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. Gwar, Kid Dynamite, Modern Life Is War, 7 Seconds, Panic, Trapped Under Ice, Boysetsfire, Defeater and more will be playing. The full line-up so far can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/01/13 - 08:31 AM
Nathan Lint on 02/07/09 - 12:28 PM
Panic! At The Disco will be releasing "Build God, Then We'll Talk" as a digital single on March 26th; if downloaded through a special site, buyers will be allowed access to a private site with up to the minute news on the band, live footage, pictures, and more.[source]http://www.nme.com/news/panic-at-the-disco/26480[/source]

Submitted by simpsonsfan
Rohan Kohli on 02/19/07 - 12:10 PM
Producer Tom Gray announced in a recent interview on SuperHeroHype.com that Panic! At the Disco is in talks to provide music for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Submitted by toocoolrahul
Tony Pascarella on 01/26/07 - 08:08 AM
The other day we told you Panic! At The Disco would be gracing the cover of the next issue of Rolling Stone. Well, now you can see the final product.
Jared Kaufman on 01/24/07 - 02:08 PM
Panic! At The Disco will be gracing the next Rolling Stone cover.
Drew Beringer on 01/22/07 - 08:58 PM
Bloc Party is apparently not impressed with Panic! at the Disco after their recent tour dates together. Drummer Matt Tong said, "I couldn't make an accurate summation [about Panic] based on the three-minute conversation I had with the lead singer [Brendon Urie]. But to me, there should always be an inherent difference between playing music and expressing yourself without considering business factors, and the music becoming a means to an end and not being to entertain people or attain some sense of creative self-worth. You know, to be a rung in the ladder...of a business empire."
Steve Henderson on 12/22/06 - 10:06 PM
The Panic Divison will begin recording their new album in mid-January with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel, All Time Low).
Rohan Kohli on 11/15/06 - 10:35 AM
Panic! At the Disco will help usher in 2007 as part of NBC's third annual "New Year's Eve With Carson Daly." The band will perform two songs from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out during the one-hour special, which will air December 31st at 11:30PM EST. [source]http://www.mtv.com/news/#/news/articles/1545770/20061114/panic_at_the_disco.jhtml[/source]
Rohan Kohli on 11/15/06 - 10:22 AM
If you'd like to know what Panic! at the Disco's run with Bloc Party and Jack's Mannequin is going to be like, read a review of the arena tour kick-off here.
Jared Kaufman on 11/08/06 - 09:33 AM
Panic! At The Disco calls the emo genre "bullshit".

Submitted by Benjaminnnn
Melissa Johnson on 10/18/06 - 11:46 AM
You can read an article here about Panic! At the Disco releasing a special CD/DVD set next month.
Melissa Johnson on 10/17/06 - 06:39 PM
Panic! At the Disco's new video for 'Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off' will be premiering today on TRL. Tune in to MTV at 3:30 pm. Check MTV.com for more information. And don't forget to vote for Panic's first video, 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies,' for the Woodie Of The Year at the mtvU Woodie Awards. Stop by FBRVOTE.com and cast your vote!

Submitted by GQMike of TSPR
Brandon Herbel on 09/28/06 - 11:55 AM
Watch Panic! at the Disco's video "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" here.

Submitted by sweetfootaction
Melissa Johnson on 09/11/06 - 06:04 PM
According to this MTV article, the next and final Panic! At The Disco single will be "Build God Then We'll Talk."

Submitted by ImJoe2192
Ryan Imhof on 09/11/06 - 04:32 PM
The Panic Division posted the following bulletin on MySpace.
BulletinThe Panic Division is looking for a new drummer. They will be having try outs over the next few weeks. If you are interested, here are some requirements:

- experience playing with a click
- solid and hard-hitting technique
- mentally and financially able to tour full-time
- tour history is a plus
- willing to relocate
- must provide own funding for flight tickets to try out

The band is looking in the San Antonio, Austin, Houston, or Dallas area, but all out-of-state interests are welcome. Serious inquires only! Don't request a try out unless you are certain you're willing and able! If you are interested...
Jared Kaufman on 09/04/06 - 09:47 AM
Check out this video of Panic! At The Disco's vocalist being KO'd by a bottle at Reading Festival.
Jon Foucart on 08/30/06 - 04:46 PM
Read an article here about the upcoming Panic! At The Disco fall tour where Bloc Party and Jack's Mannequin will be opening, which also includes the routing, tour dates and venues.
Jared Kaufman on 08/24/06 - 09:45 AM
According to a MySpace bulletin by Blake Wilson, the brother of ex-bassist Brent Wilson from the band Panic! At The Disco, Brent has filed a lawsuit against the band. A statement from the Blake can be seen below:
MessageA court case is in the making. Brent and his lawyer have taken the next step. A letter has been sent to Panic! stating that Brent will be taking them to court if he has not received an agreement from the band within 14 days. If this 14 day grace period is neglected, further measures will be taken. If Panic! does not agree to Brent's proposal, the case may take anywhere from two to four years. If, in the event the band does not come to a settlement, the IRS will have to...
Katie Schmitz on 08/08/06 - 06:53 PM
Check out an interview with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco.
Katie Schmitz on 08/03/06 - 04:37 AM
Panic! At the Disco has been nominated for 4 MTV Music Video Awards. You can check out their reaction to the award nominations right here.

Submitted by the sob
Melissa Johnson on 08/01/06 - 01:32 PM
Panic! At The Disco has recieved 5 nominations for this years MTV Video Music Awards.

Submitted by Meggers
Brandon Herbel on 07/31/06 - 11:17 AM
Here is an article and video about injuries caused at a recent Panic! At The Disco show.
Brandon Herbel on 07/20/06 - 11:03 AM
Jared Kaufman on 07/11/06 - 06:34 AM
Panic! At The Disco has responded to what Mr. Flowers of The Killers had to say.
Pat Marquez on 07/06/06 - 01:55 PM
An e-card has been launched in support of the upcoming Kaddisfly, Facing New York, and The Panic Division tour.
Ryan Imhof on 07/06/06 - 06:43 AM
You can view a still photo from Panic! At The Disco's new music video, "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" here.

Submitted by the sob
Ryan Imhof on 06/29/06 - 07:32 AM
Panic! At The Disco's making of their music video "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" airs today at 1:30 PM and Saturday at 8 PM on MTV2.

Submitted by Meggers
Melissa Johnson on 06/26/06 - 12:26 AM
You can view The Panic Division's new music video for "Versus" over at AOL Music. The band is also heading out on Warped Tour followed by a tour with Kaddisfly and Facing New York.
Warped Tour06.30.06 Houston, TX @ Relient Center 07.01.06 Dallas, TX @ Smirnoff Music Center
07.02.06 San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Garden Amphitheatre
07.03.06 Las Cruces, NM @ New Mexico State University
07.06.06 San Diego, CA @ Coors Amphitheatre
07.07.06 Pomona, Ca @ LA County Fairgrounds

Kaddisfly and Facing New York07.08.06 San Diego, CA @ Epicentre !* 07.09.06 Fullerton, CA @ The Alley !*
07.10.06 Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory !*
07.11.06 Ventura, CA @ Seaside Park (warped tour- kevin says ...
Ryan Imhof on 06/23/06 - 01:53 PM
Tonight at their show, Panic! At The Disco anounced that they just finished filming a video for the song "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off."

Submitted by S84newt2000
Melissa Johnson on 06/20/06 - 11:10 PM
Panic! At the Disco released their iTunes exclusives today. The exclusives include redone versions of "But It's Better if You Do", "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies", and "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off." They can be purchased at the iTunes store.

Submitted by black rose
Katie Schmitz on 06/13/06 - 06:39 PM
The Panic Division posted their video for "Versus" on their MySpace page.

Submitted by cubz84
Katie Schmitz on 06/12/06 - 03:19 PM
The Panic Division are heading out on tour this summer with Hundred Year Storm, Warped Tour and Facing New York. Check below for the dates.
Panic Division's Summer Tour Datesw/Hundred Year Storm
6/9 Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery
6/10 Wilmington, NC @ Marz Theatre
6/11 Kingsport, TN @ The Fire Escape
6/12 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (Hell Room)
6/13 Columbus, GA @ The Vault
6/14 Byron, GA @ The Blue Tomato
6/16 Huntington, VA @ The Hy Amp
6/17 Fredericksburg, VA @ The Colonial Tavern
6/18 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
6/19 Patchogue, NY @ The Wave
6/20 Boston, MA @ Billís Bar
6/22 Nashua, NH @ Club Drifters
6/23 Dover, DE @ The Venue
6/24 Shamokin PA @ The Capitol Venue
Frank Giaramita on 06/08/06 - 03:34 AM
Panic! At the Disco will be releasing a live 3-song EP via iTunes in the near future.
Rohan Kohli on 06/01/06 - 05:46 PM
All of The Panic Division's tour dates for this month and Warped Tour can be seen below:
Tour DatesJun 9 2006 7:00P The Brewery Raleigh, NC
Jun 10 2006 7:00P Mars Theatre Wilmington, NC
Jun 11 2006 7:00P The Fire Escape Johnson City, TN
Jun 12 2006 7:00P The Masquerade (HELL ROOM) Atlanta, GA
Jun 13 2006 8:00P The Vault - FREE SHOW - (21+) Columbus, GA
Jun 16 2006 7:00P The Hy Amp Huntington, WV
Jun 17 2006 7:00P The Nation Washington, DC
Jun 18 2006 7:00P The Fire Philadelphia, PA
Jun 19 2006 7:00P The Wave Patchogue, NY
Jun 20 2006 7:00P Bills Bar Boston, MA
Jun 22 2006 7:00P Club Drifters Nashua , NH
Jun 23 2006 8:00P The Venue Dover, DE
Jun 25 2006 3:00P Club Eastcoast Woodbridge,...
Ryan Imhof on 06/01/06 - 05:58 AM
Read an article here about the recent departure of Panic! At The Disco bassist Brent Wilson.
Jared Kaufman on 05/19/06 - 06:50 AM
Brent of Panic! At The Disco has decided to leave the band. Head to their website for the statement.
Jon Foucart on 05/17/06 - 02:08 PM
Panic! At The Disco's 7" single for "But It's Better If You Do" is now available for pre-order in the UK.
Jon Foucart on 04/30/06 - 09:55 AM
MTV.com recently posted an article on Panic! At the Disco's new video for "But It's Better If You Do."
Rohan Kohli on 04/19/06 - 03:36 PM
Pre-sale tickets for Panic! At The Disco's New York City show will go onsale today at 1:00PM EST. The show is June 28th at Nokia Theater with Dresden Dolls and The Hush Sound supporting. The band has also announced two special shows; details below.
Upcoming Special ShowsJune 9th
Chula Vista 91X Fest
w/ The Cult, Dashboard Confessional, Franz Ferdinand and more

June 11th
KJEE Summer Round-Up
Santa Barbara, CA
w/ The Strokes, Yellowcard, Franz Ferdinand and more
Jared Kaufman on 04/19/06 - 10:00 AM
Check out AOLMusic.com's "AIM interivew" with Spencer Smith of Panic! At The Disco
Frank Giaramita on 04/15/06 - 09:17 AM
Panic! At The Disco's new video, "But It's Better If You Do," will premiere on their website at 12:00PM EST today.
Jared Kaufman on 04/14/06 - 08:11 AM
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