Favorite Albums
treat me like someone else, say it like you mean it, nothing gold can stay, enema of the state, tell all your friends, stay what you are, one for the kids, so impossible, take this to your grave, i am the movie, commit this to memory, bon iver bon iver, in keeping secrets of silent earth, the blue album, ...is/was a real boy, she stayed as steam, so young so insane, for all of this, young pilgrim, dig up the dead and a shit ton more
Favorite Songs
short list: the coach's daughter, subject to change, decisions decisions, it'll never snow in florida, dammit, little devotional, this is not an exit, october nights, hands down, wrecked him?..., stateside, the pros and cons of breathing, red dress, three evils, every town is jamestown, keep your voices down, enough about me, total revenge, san dimas high school football rules, #40, company calls epilogue, the district sleeps alone, such great heights, come back, ender, tv family, will we ever know how?, the world has turned and left me here, colorful language, ballgame
Favorite Bands
short list: a great big pile of leaves, third eye blind, ra ra riot, the june spirit, the starting line, new found glory, mansions, blink-182, saves the day, american football, yellowcard, dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, hot rod circuit, jimmy eat world, fall out boy, motion city soundtrack, copeland, coheed and cambria, the mile after, days away, good old war, say anything, the ataris, big city dreams, ani difranco, cartel, chris titchner, further seems forever, the get up kids, dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, the early november, finch, valencia, weezer, kevin devine
Favorite Books
"the silence of the lambs"--thomas harris, "nineteen minutes"--jodi picoult, "path of blood"--george contant, "gods and generals"--jeffrey shaara, and all of those fucking harry potters
Favorite Movies
the silence of the lambs, half baked, dazed and confused, office space, frequency, fargo, star wars (original trilogy), clue, steel magnolias, the patriot
Favorite TV Shows
the simpsons, south park, criminal minds, treme, parks and rec, futurama, SVU, the L word, weeds, true blood, californication, big love, lost, medium, dexter and a ton more. i watch far too much television.
Personal Note
one day in 2002 a girl played me a mix CD. it had four songs on it by a band called the june spirit. fast forward a decade and the girl is long gone...but the music remains. and yes, that's me in sedona in 2006.
Spelling counts. Even on the fucking Internet.
correcting grammar, surviving each work day, listening to crappy pop punk, spreading the good news about all that crappy pop punk
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01:59 PM on 02/08/11
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wow, props on the quick thread shutdown

i didn't see that coming and it's nice to see rules actually being enforced

kind of ironic that i'm saying this but anyway yeah very good
[quote=Hermaphrodile;130931881]I had read a few of your shitty posts ("Kanye is the Nickleback of hiphop" comes to mind) and was disappointed such a great website could allow someone so awful continue to post, but figured I would give you a chance, because, especially at the time (right before the big MHT M. Shepard collapse), posts were not a great indicator of a user nevermind a website. Turns out ACA was as bad as the post. Didn't realize it at the time, but this was a game-changing post (as others in this thread have posted), the bar for post quality was lowered for the next decade so we IP traced you and did what had to be done.[/quote] [quote=birdman;117863412]Am I physically able to suck a dude off? Of course, and if 1984 Harrison Ford asked me to...I totally would. But am I capable of feeling a romantic emotional connection to another man the same way I would a woman, no.[/quote] [quote=thisisadisaster;117664642]ELVIS DIED WHILE TAKING A POOP BUT NOW HE IS HEAVEN WITH OUR LORD JA[/quote] [quote=TerrancePryor;113161902]How do you have 2,000 followers,Drew? Its not like you do anything important.....[/quote] [quote=ghsNICK!;112997242]Haha they asked the same questions over and over and got caught scheming about it. But keep trying to defend them...I doubt you can find a Fox News video where anyone is plotting/scheming with other reporters to trap Obama. That's because their fair and balanced.[/quote] [quote=Argentine;112837392]Liz is gonna AniDifranco the shit out of Sean's gf[/quote] [quote=JinxRemoving;106810862]Oh, and don't decide to stay with someone you just met on a city bus. That turned out really well, but in retrospect was not my smartest idea ever.[/quote] [quote=bryanczap;99675952]We never start drama.. Its not like we posted this rediculous thing .. Cody payne is like a brother to me.. Its not his fault whatever he says gets 100 replys.. Ap.net uses him and everything he says to get hits on their mediocre website[/quote] [quote=Jason Tate;99681852]Nah, this ends with me just flat out ignoring his band for promotional opportunities. His label had been talking to us about them playing our SXSW show, now that's off the table.[/quote] [quote=friskycurtain;89994051]I don't even care if I get a warning for this, you're being a cunt.[/quote] [quote=NarcolepsySmile;88033222][URL]http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?p=87988502#post87988502[/URL] And ChelseaRiane is Loko Girl. You once told her if you heard she died and you were eating an orange you wouldn't stop eating that orange.[/quote] [quote=mht;87660692]I'm going to put on my bucket list "20 years down the road, find beforedaylight and tell his family he has an Into It Over It tattoo" no matter if I have to carry my piss-bag, diapers and hoveround to whatever squat your living in[/quote] [quote=zion the lion;87440002]I've been pissed on so many times it's really just impossible for me to think people get turned on by it. edit: by kids, I've been pissed on by kids. [/quote] [quote=kearn1tm;79050792]Jesus died for my poop sex.[/quote] [quote=Sunmaid;86478961][B][SIZE=4]FUCK YOU FOR CALLING THEM LEGOS THEY ARE LEGO NOT LEGOS IT'S LIKE FISH THERE IS NO SUCH FUCKING WORD AS FISHES DIE IN A HOLE THIS HAS BEEN MY PET PEEVE SINCE I WAS 4 YEARS OLD AND YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE I LOVE LEGO [/SIZE][/B] lego[/quote] [quote=HaileyItHappens;85757881]Have you not seen me post here drunk? Or just ask Chris. I am also an emotional mess. Plus we won't even need lube we'll just all use our tears. #crossedtheline #dontbanme[/quote] [quote=Indoor Living;85448922]Hqaah, my smile equals wenj. If I wasn't on myth phone, I would makes tits more sense.[/quote] [quote=Colinmac36;84994381]this shouldn't be called based thread or whatever, it should be called circle jerk of nasty retards who know nothing.[/quote] [quote=zion the lion;81859382]I'm pretty sure that if I saw someone who was on here, I'd make damn sure not to say anything to that person or about it on here. I'm not dumb enough to get cussed out in public or murdered in a back alley because of the shit I say on here.[/quote] [quote=Jason Tate;58891371]One one of the bazillion sites I read about the show this morning ... one of the articles talking about how it was the most watched show/finale on Showtime since the Mike Tyson fight in 99. They wanted to get the contracts done before they start writing the next season.[/quote] [quote=xjulianx89;58891922]I've looked everywhere. Every site just confirms a fifth season. No mention of a sixth. :shrug:[/quote] [quote=Jason Tate;58892072]Man, that's impressive. Everywhere?! Damn, how'd you manage that!?[/quote] [quote=stayillogical;58892231]Man, that's impressive. A bazillion sites? Damn, how'd you manage that?![/quote] [quote=sjb2k1;58892942]lol[/quote] [quote=Jason Tate;58893121]Get a room.[/quote] [quote=stuntr4lyfe;21913322]and let me tell you. If you wasnt lesbian I'd fuckin punch you in the mouth[/quote] [quote=sjb2k1;29355512]you and i do gay this website up quite a bit.[/quote][quote=Mercy Medical;29355612]We add an extra 10% of gay to every page we view.[/quote] [quote=takeweakme;31721532]i would live in a city made of jell-o. then i would suffocate everyone i hated by shoving their faces into sidewalks or buildings.[/quote] [quote=apoemtothedead;29469782]Yeah but she's a lesbian Tristan! Do we really need to explain to our 13 year old board members why a female is banning another female? I know I don't want to do that.[/quote]

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